Recognised Volunteers Past Winners

Recognised Volunteers

Congratulations to the volunteers that have been recognised for their hard work at our local clubs and organisations.

Duncan Rae - Falcons Basketball Club Byford
Jamie Davey - Serpentine Jarrahdale Serpents
Ramone Glasgow - Byford Rotary Club
Stacey Walton - Byford Community Kindergarten
Jeff Ryan - Byford Bushrangers
Rod Turnor - Byford Basketball Association
Trevor Senior - Jarrahdale Heritage Society
Merri Harris - SJ Food and Farm Alliance
Shanika and Henry Rowe - Serpents Rugby League & Sporting Club
Karen - Serpentine Enviro Group
Daisy - Falcons Basketball Club
Paula - Lightweight Motorcycle Club
Lesley - Byford Baptist Church
Annette - Serpentine Jarrahdale Rugby League and Sporting Club
Athol - Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group
Jamie - Lightweight Motorcycle Club
Liny - Byford Basketball Association
Helen - Byford Uniting Church Op Shop
Jackie - Graceford Baptistcare
Margaret - Byford Day Weightwatchers
John - Lightweight Motorcycle Club
Lee-anne Danzi
Stephen and Sue
John and Lyn