Commercial Vehicle Parking

What classifies as a commercial vehicle?

A commercial vehicle includes any vehicle used or designed for use for business, trade or commercial purposes and includes a van, truck, trailer, tractor and any attachment to any of them, any bus or passenger vehicle or earth moving machine rated by the manufacture as being suitable to carry loads of no more than 3 tonnes. 

What does Commercial Vehicle parking entail?

The parking of one or more commercial vehicle/s on any land (excluding any part of a public road or parking facility) within the Shire for more than two hours which is not during that time being used to load or unload anything. If a trailer, which has no independent means of propulsion is attached to a motorised vehicle, the two shall be regarded as one commercial vehicle.

Where a trailer or the like is not presently attached to a motorised vehicle, it shall be regarded as a separate commercial vehicle. However, if there is one prime mover and one trailer on a lot, although not attached but are ordinarily used in combination, the two shall be regarded as one commercial vehicle.

Can I park my commercial vehicle at my property?

‘Commercial Vehicle Parking’ does not require development approval on lots zoned ‘Light Industry’, ‘General Industry’ or ‘Rural’ where no works are proposed (e.g. hardstand, garage).

Commercial Vehicle Parking can be considered in the following zones subject to development approval being obtained from the Shire:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Showroom/Warehouse
  • Light Industry
  • General Industry
  • Special Residential and;
  • Special Rural

Shire Officers need to consider a variety of factors in determining whether or not parking of a commercial vehicle will be supported.  This includes amenity issues (noise, visual impact, traffic impact), impacts on surrounding development and the objectives of the zone.

Commercial Vehicle Parking is prohibited in the following zones:

  • Conservation
  • Rural Groundwater Protection
  • Rural Residential
  • Farmlet and;
  • Rural Living A and B

Please note: The parking of commercial vehicles pertains to the applicable lot only. Parking outside of the lot boundary is to be in accordance with the Shire’s Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law 2014.

If you would like to lodge an application, please complete an development application for development approval.

For further information, please contact Planning Services on 9526 1111 or submit a request online.