Food Safety Program and Training

We strive to provide support to local food businesses, with an emphasis on education and compliance with the relevant regulations for food safety.

Our Environmental Health team routinely assess all food businesses within the Shire.

For more in-depth information about food safety, please visit the Department of Health website which is listed in the External Links below.

What is FoodSafe?

The National Food Safety Standard requires people working with food to have skills and knowledge of food hygiene matters.

FoodSafe was developed by Environmental Health Australia in consultation with government, academia, industry and consumers, and is an in-house training program bringing basic food hygiene information directly to food handlers.

With new food establishments opening every day, more people are eating out more often, and food poisoning is on the increase.

As people now take legal action when something goes wrong, it makes sense for proprietors to protect themselves by making sure their products are as safe as possible.

FoodSafe is an ideal first step towards safer food.

FoodSafe Online Course - Free for Shire residents

Food handlers can now can log in, in their free time and in the comfort of their home to complete the FoodSafe Online course free of charge at

On the payment details page, the unique discount voucher FSSERPE336 can be used and it will apply the $35 discount.

Upon completion of the transaction, the downloadable instructions can be followed through to register and start the course.

A FoodSafe printable certificate is available once the course is successfully completed.

For a preview of the course, please click here.

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For further information, please contact Health Services on 9526 1111 or by email