Water safety and quality

Recreational water

The Shire's Environmental Health Services conduct microbiological testing at our public aquatic facilities and at Serpentine Falls to monitor the water quality.

Safe drinking water

Our Environmental Health team regularly sample non-scheme drinking water at premises where food businesses are preparing and selling food, and where rain or bore water is provided to the public to drink.

As not all properties in our shire have main scheme water available, if scheme water is unavailable then you will need to manage your own drinking water system.

Bore water

The quality and quantity of water from bores varies considerably in the shire and could contain matter which could be harmful to health or be damaging to plumbing, or cause staining to stonework or laundry. It is, therefore, essential that an analyst’s report is obtained and this requirement is a condition on your Building Licence.

Rain water

Rain water may make a nice cup of tea but remember it may not be pristine. Tanks can become contaminated from organic matter, bird droppings or dead animals so it is advisable to have a water treatment system in place which will remove bacteria or some other form of disinfection. Rain water tanks should be cleaned out at least every two years and a dose of chlorine should be added before refilling. If water is tanked in at any time, it is also good practice to chlorinate before the tanker arrives. This helps kill any bacteria stirred up by the addition of the water.

Dam or creek water

All dam and creek water should be considered polluted and if being used for drinking water then must have a permanent, efficient water purification system.

Water treatment options

If treating your water is required, then some treatment methods may include Chlorination, UV or microfiltration.

Water Treatment Companies can be obtained from the Yellow Pages and/or the Internet.

For further information on chemical testing and a list of laboratories for testing, refer to;


For further information, please contact Health Services on 9526 1111 or by email info@sjshire.wa.gov.au