Jamie Davey - Serpentine Jarrahdale Serpents

Jamie Davey was recently recognised as a part of the Shire’s Volunteer Recognition Program for his hard work with the Serpentine Jarrahdale Serpents. Jamie received a $50 voucher to a restaurant of his choice located within the Shire.

We asked Jaime a few questions about her experience volunteering:

How did you get involved in volunteering for you group?

I got into volunteering from my kids playing rugby league at SJ Serpents and I was lucky enough to get voted in last season as vice president and I had the huge honour and privilege to coach 2 teams under 10s and 11s.

How long have you been volunteering?

I have only been involved for 1 season as a volunteer with the club.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

I enjoy seeing the future we were building for the kids and the community with our club.

What makes Serpentine Jarrahdale Serpents so special to you?

It was a family friendly club and local to my area I live in.

Why would you recommend others to get involved in volunteering?

I would recommend that everyone gets in and involved with any club they are associated with so that the club has a strong foundation and its not left to same people every week so the clubs have a future, plus to see the development of the kids is what topped it off for me.

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