Bookable Hard Waste Verge Collections

In June 2024, we introduced bookable hard waste verge collections for all residents within the Shire. It allows two opportunities per year for households to get rid of their hard waste. Benefits to the booked system include:

  • Reduction in the amount of time that waste is out on the verge in our neighbourhoods, reducing litter, illegal dumping and verge picking
  • Greater flexibility for residents, allowing collections to be booked when needed, rather than being tied to a pick-up schedule
  • Greater waste recovery rates (as seen in other local governments using booked collections). This means more waste is reused or recycled rather than going to landfill, which is better for the environment.

Phone bookings will initially be taken for hard waste verge collections while an online system is created. Please note that June bookings are full, the next available bookings are in July. 

How does it work?

  1. Get rid of the good stuff: See if you can sell, donate, repair or give away anything that’s still usable before booking your bulk waste verge collection.
  2. Book your collection by calling 9526 1111 and selecting menu option 3. The booking system is open 8am-4pm weekdays.
  3. Place your hard waste on the verge the weekend prior to your collection date.

          Wait for a call, email and/or text message confirming your collection date. Please have your hard waste ready by 7am on collection day.

      4. Leave the rest to us!

What will be collected from my verge?

Please note that hard waste will only be collected from your verge if you have made a booking.

Your booked hard waste verge collection allows you to place a maximum of three cubic metres (3m³) of hard waste on your verge which can include:

  • Household furniture
  • Mattresses (max 3 if only mattresses are in your collection)
  • White goods
  • Electronic waste

Mattresses, eWaste, white goods and metals are recycled. These will be picked up by a different truck, either on the day of your booking, or the next day. Please keep these on your verge for collection.

There will also be times when the contractor will be unable to get to all collections on the designated collection day. Again, please keep your items on the verge and these will be collected the following day.

Accepted items

Non-accepted items

Mattresses Vehicles, car bodies and car parts
White goods Tyres
Electronic waste Batteries
Furniture  Asbestos products inc. Super 6 or fibre cement sheets
Bicycles Flammable liquids
Toys Building materials
Small electrical goods Bricks, rubble and concrete
Fencing materials Gas bottles
Wood (not garden waste) Hazardous material
Wire Items larger than 1.5m long
Gates Anything included as part of a green waste collection
BBQs (not gas bottles)

Items should be placed in neat piles, side by side, to assist with separating materials that can be recycled.

Where do I put my items if I live on a cottage block?

If possible, place your bulk waste where you would normally place your kerbside bins for collection. If this isn’t possible, please call our team on 9526 1111 (menu option 3) for guidance on the best place to leave your items for collection.

What happens if I have more than 3m³ of hard waste?

If you have more than three cubic metres (3m³) of hard waste, you’ll need to use your second free hard waste allocation which will be entered into our system for future reference.  If this occurs, residents will be notified by mail or email that an additional service will need to be booked or paid for.

Can I pay for additional collections?

Yes. Additional collections can be booked and paid for by calling 9526 1111 and selecting menu option 3.  Alternatively consider if your items can be sold, gifted or rehomed.

In 2024-25 the fee for additional collections will be $160 plus GST per 3m³ collection.