Bridle Trails

Darling Downs Bridle Trails

Choose from three main trails and access a wonderful selection of riding features that are sure to make this an exciting and rewarding day's riding.

The Darling Downs Bridle Trails are in the township of Darling Downs, and provide an easily accessible, safe and pleasant place for horse riding for locals and visitors away from motor traffic.

The Public Open Space has a sand surfaced trotting track with a circuit of 1600 metres, a fenced exercise area plus open riding space and small jumps.

Darling Downs Bridle Trails Map

Langford Park Bridle Trail

Langford Park is the focal area for a 20km bridle trail that showcases the changing character of the jarrah forest in this section of the Darling range.

Once a bauxite mine which has now been rehabilitated, Langford Park has a horse float parking area.

Oakford Bridle Trails

The Oakford Trails stretches 33km between Rowley Rd in the north, to the Tonkin Highway in the east, through to Thomas Rd and Anketell Rd in the south and De Haer Rd in the west.

Oakford Bridle Trails Map

Byford Trotting Complex Bridle Trails

In December 2022 Council resolved to, in partnership with Metronet plan a south of Thomas Road bridle path connection between the new under Thomas Road horse tunnel and existing bridle path beside Thatcher Road between Larsen Road and Binshaw Avenue, paying particular attention to improved safety via:

  1. the use of fines road base instead of concrete;
  2. the use of fencing to separate from pedestrians and or vehicles;
  3. Pegasus Road crossing; and
  4. train triggered warning lights for bridle paths parallel to train line and before tunnel entry.

The resolution is available here.

The current bridle trails around the Byford Trotting and Training Complex can be viewed here.

Meeting other bush users

Horse riders will meet walkers, mountain bike riders and others who are unfamiliar with horses and unsure about passing them on the track.  It is important that all bush users are courteous and understanding to ensure that everyone enjoys their visit.

When other users wish to pass or overtake a horse on a narrow track, always ensure the hindquarters of your horse are facing away from them.  Preferably move to the side of the track and give as much room as possible for them to pass.

The Horse Riders Creed

When I ride out of the bush, I will leave only hoof prints and take only memories.