Delivery of a High-Quality Tourism Facility

Develop Jarrahdale Trails Centre as a key tourism asset for the region. 

Expected outcomes:

  • Provide high quality tourism facilities, visitor attractions and experiences
  • Position Jarrahdale as a competitive globally recognised tourism destination
  • Establish a place where the natural environment and cultural heritage support a sustainable visitor economy
  • Support the economic development of Serpentine-Jarrahdale through catalyst investment in the subject site

Project overview:

Jarrahdale is one of Western Australia's most historic settlements. It is now a huge tourism attraction with cafes, a tavern, trails and spectacular forests.

This project seeks to position Jarrahdale as a tourism destination on a global scale, with significant economic benefits for the region.

Key components:

  • Construction of the Jarrahdale Trails Centre
  • Associated road upgrades.

What‘s the community need?

Jarrahdale is a growing tourism destination. An increase in the visitor economy is an important channel for economic development across the region.

The construction of a trails centre will generate significant economic and social benefits, including a stronger sense of community through the preservation of heritage and improved vibrancy and activation of Jarrahdale town centre.

What’s happening now?

The concept design for the centre has now been completed. The design is aimed at creating a sustainable, community oriented centre that integrates open space and modern facilities, in line with the broader Jarrahdale Trails Town vision.

A key design goal is to create a building that is an attraction in its own right, and appealing to diverse tourist groups. To ensure this happens, targeted engagement has been undertaken with Tourism WA and the Peel Development Commission. This enabled the Shire to better understand the motivations behind tourism related structures in Western Australia.

The Shire Council endorsed the concept design in June 2024, as showing clear alignment of the project to State and Federal tourism priorities. 

Funding request:

The Jarrahdale Trails Centre will be developed in three stages. 

$10 million is being requested to deliver Stage 1 of the centre. 

Advocacy alignment:
  • Population Growth
  • Education Training and Employment
  • Financial Capacity