Environmental Health

Environmental Health

There are many types of health-related issues that you can report to the Shire, some of which are listed below.

Choose from these options to let us know about a health issue.


If you have concerns about asbestos removal which may pose an immediate health risk to the public, please call the Shire on 9526 1111.

To report an issue, please use the button below


Pests / Vermin / Mosquitoes

To report a pest / vermin issue, please use the button below

Pests / Vermin / Mosquitoes


To report a life-threatening pollution incident or emergency, please call 000 and ask for Fire.

To report a pollution emergency that is not life-threatening, please contact the Shire on 9526 1111.

Pollution emergencies include discharges of hazardous materials or incidents which threaten public health or the environment.

For all other issues relating to pollution – noise, air, dust, odour, spills - please click on one of the buttons below

Noise Pollution - Music / Air Conditioner / Rooster)

Pollution - Air / Dust / Odour / Spills / Light

On-Site Effluent Disposal

Effluent Disposal Applications are required for all new dwellings/sheds that are not connected to sewer and for renovations and/or additions to existing dwellings.

If you have a query or an issue in relation to on-site effluent disposal, please use the button below

On-site Effluent Disposal System

For any other request, click on the button below.

Report It