Starting and Maintaining Your Food Business

When building a new food premises you need to complete an Application for Notification/ Registration of a Food Business form relevant to a “fixed” or “temporary/mobile” food business registration. This form is to be submitted with a detailed plan for the proposed works. More information referenced below.

If you are looking to make structural alterations to an existing food business you, can contact your local Environmental Health Officer or alternatively email with a brief summary of works and provide a detailed plan of the proposed works.  
Prior to opening your business you will need to arrange for an inspection of the premises by an Environmental Health Officer to ensure all food is being stored, handled, cooked and served safely. If they are satisfied that the premise complies with the Food Act and the Food Safety Standards Code a certificate of registration will be issued to you allowing you to trade. How frequently officers visit will depend on the type of food you are serving, who your customers are and how high your food hygiene practises and records are.

For more information on opening a food business download the Guidelines for the Application to Establish or Construct a Food Business info sheet or contact the Environmental Health Team to discuss your plans.

Operating a Food Business From Home

If you would like to open a food business you will need to complete a Application to Prepare and Sell from Residential Food Premises.

The Department of Health advises that only low risk food activities can be carried out from domestic premises.

Low risk food activities – includes the production of:

  • Jams and marmalades
  • Nougats, fudges, meringues and Turkish delights
  • Cake decorating and repacking of bulk packaged low risk confectionery products
  • Pickled onions
  • Herb vinegars with a pH of less than 4.5
  • Chutneys, relishes and sauces that are heat treated by boiling or cooking
  • Spices and spice mixers such as Dry Curry Powder with ingredients being purchased from an approved food business

For more information on operating a food business at home read the Food Act 2008 Fact Sheet.

Fixed Food Business

If you would like build or construct a new 'Fixed Food Business', you will be required to complete an Application to Construct a Food Business.  If you are buying, taking over or need to update your food business details, you will need to complete an Application for Notification/Registration of Food Business.

Below is a list of some types of fixed food businesses; for a more extensive list, please refer to the application form.

  • Retailer
  • Hotel/Motel/Guest house
  • Supermarket
  • Childcare Centre
  • Restaurant/Café
  • Pub/Tavern
  • Storage
  • Transport

Please note: if you are an existing food business who will be making structural alterations or layout changes, can contact your local Environmental Health Officer or alternatively email with a brief summary of works and provide a detailed plan of the proposed works.  

Food Premise Inspections

Environmental Health Officers routinely inspect Food Premises within the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, the frequency of assessment is determined by risk. Food Premises assessments are undertaken to ensure the premises complies with the Food Act 2008 and the Australian New Zealand Food Safety Standards.  The assessment looks primarily at food safety and hygiene practices and ensuring the food they are producing / selling is safe for consumption.  As part of the assessment we also make sure that the food proprietors meet their obligations in regards to Allergens.

Food Trucks, Mobile Food Businesses and Food Stalls

If you are thinking of starting up a new business as a mobile trader within the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, you will need to register with us as a Mobile or Temporary Food Business.

In addition you will need to submit an application under our local laws for a Trading in Public Places Licence if trading as a mobile vehicle or from a specific location within the Shire. If you are attending an organised event, the event organiser will need to complete an application for a Application for a Collective Food Vendors Approval - Events and include your business name on the application. The event organiser will also verify if your business holds a valid Food Business Registration Certificate issued by the local government authority where your temporary or mobile food business is garaged. 

Applying for a Liquor Licence

For detailed information about licence types, trading hours, approved managers, restrictions and information for licensees you may wish to visit the State Government liquor licensing website.

To obtain a liquor licence for your food business, you'll need to submit the following information:

  1. Completed Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Section 39 Application Form
  2. Completed page 2 of 2 - Certificate of Local Health Authority (section 39)
    • This Certificate is issued to demonstrate compliance with Environmental Health and building legislation.
    • To assess for compliance a site inspection maybe undertaken by an Environmental Health Officer;
    • In addition, you may need to engage the services of a private Building Surveyor to assist you in completing a Building application such as a BA18 Certificate of Building compliance or a BA9 Application for Occupancy Permit to the Shire's Building Services depending on the nature of your proposal

     3. Plans showing your proposed licensed area
     4. Please note that you will also need to complete page 2 of 2 of the Certificate of Local Planning Authority (section 40) form which will need to submitted separately via our online services to be assessed by the Shires' Planning Services.

  • An application to commence development (development approval) may be required prior to a section 40 certificate being issued.