Swimming Pools and Spas

Swimming pool areas form a focal point of many families back gardens and provide families with hours of fun and enjoyment. As with many things though, there are responsibilities placed upon owners of pools and spas.


All swimming pools and spas that have a capacity to contain 300mm or more of water are required to have approval from the local government before the pool or spa is built or placed on a property.
To apply for approval you need to lodge a building permit application with the Shire. This application will be required to indicate the location of the pool or spa on the property, the location of the pool security barrier, the construction details or specifications of the pool or spa and the pool security barrier details. Where a pool security barrier is going to be constructed by a separate person to the pool installer, a separate building permit application will be required.

Building Permit Applications


As of 5th November 2001, all pools and spas are required to be isolated from the main dwelling, with no doors opening into pool areas. Windows may be permitted to open into a pool area but will be required to be permanently restricted from opening no greater than 100mm. Key locking devices to restrict the openings are not acceptable.
The specific pool security barrier requirements are determined by the date the pool or spa was lodged with the local government and not by the family owning the pool. A guide to the requirements of pool security barriers in Western Australia can be found at the West Australian Building Commission website. If your pool or spa was lodged with the local government before 1 May 2016 your pool security barrier requirements will be assessed under AS1926.1 – 1993. If your pool or spa was lodged after 1 May 2016 the pool security barrier will be assessed under AS1926.1 – 2012 provisions. The location of pool and spa security barriers can be found in AS1926.2 – 2007.
Building Commission - Swimming and Spa Pools

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Maintaining the compliance of a pool area’s security barrier is the responsibility of the home owner or occupier and it must be maintained throughout the life of the pool. The State Government requires local governments to inspect pool security barriers once every four years. Local governments may fine pool owners where pool barriers are found to be non-compliant.

Owners of pools and spas who have not sought approval prior to the installation of the pool or spa may apply to have their pool formally recognised by the local government by lodging a Building Approval Certificate Application. These applications are required to be accompanied by a Certificate of Building Compliance (BA18) issued by an independent building surveying contractor. The compliance of these pool and spa security barriers will be required to be assessed against the current legislation AS1926.1 – 2012 regardless of when they were installed.


The annual swimming pool inspection fee is $55.00. Inspections of swimming pools occur once every four years. If you no longer have a swimming pool and have not notified the Shire, please do so as this will assist us in keeping our records up to date and prevent Council charging properties that no longer require an inspection. 

Useful Documents

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Should you require any further information on swimming pool security barriers or if you would like to book a swimming pool barrier inspection please contact the Shire in person at 6 Paterson StreetMundijong WA 6123 Australia, on phone 9526 1111 or email info@sjshire.wa.gov.au