Litter and dumping

Unlawfully disposing of litter is an offence under the Litter Act 1979 and can attract on-the-spot fines or prosecution in court depending on the severity of the offence.  For individuals, penalties of up to $500 can apply for each offence (or $5000 in court) and for corporations, $2000 (or $10,000 in court).

Dumping rubbish of any kind in a place not specified as a waste facility is also considered littering. This can include the placing of rubbish in urban streets, public bins, parks, building site skip bins, outside charity bins/stores or the disposing of any unwanted items onto vacant land or into bushland reserves.

Illegal dumping

The dumping of waste and unwanted items on vacant land, housing lots and street verges is prohibited and penalties apply for each offence. 

Although the Shire will investigate and prosecute where possible, it will remain the land owner’s responsibility to remove the items or materials where the offender cannot be identified.

If you spot someone you suspect of dumping waste illegally, you can report it to The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) pollution watch hotline on 1300 784 782 (24 hours) or via Visit their website here for more information. 

Building sites

Any material not appropriately stored or secured on a building site that is allowed to blow or wash away is considered litter.  All building and land development works should be carried out in a reasonable manner to prevent pollution entering the environment.  Secure all waste on site in a receptacle before disposing of it responsibly in order to keep the verge, footpath and gutter free of building materials and waste.

Bill posting

Bill posting refers to advertising material being displayed on any buildings, fence, furniture, pillar, tree or other structure without the permission of the owner.  It also includes the leaving or posting of advertising material in any unoccupied vehicle in a public place.

It is illegal to post bills or to instruct and encourage others to post bills.  Offenders can face on-the-spot fines or prosecution in court.

Littering from vehicles

The disposal of litter including cigarette butts from vehicles is illegal and considered littering.  Where neither the litterer nor the driver of the vehicle can be identified, the person responsible for the vehicle (the registered owner) will be deemed to have committed the offence and will be responsible for the fine unless they identify the offender.

Option for disposing of unwanted items and rubbish

If your weekly rubbish exceeds your bin capacity, store the excess on your property and place in your bin the following week:

  • Donate your unwanted goods to Not for Profit organisations within your community or deliver any items in good condition to charities

Contact the Shire to find out about our local recycling and waste disposal facilities, e.g. metal, tyres, and cardboard

Reporting dumping and littering

The Shire’s Ranger Team are monitoring and targeting illegal dumping in the Shire, including the dumping of residential, commercial and industrial waste (including harsh chemicals and oils).

The effect of illegal dumping includes:

  • Harm to our local flora and fauna;
  • Visual impact to our beautiful natural environment;
  • Contamination of water sources;
  • Dangerous gases being released in to the atmosphere from dumped appliances such as refrigerators; and
  • Increased cost to Shire for collection and removal of rubbish and waste.

If your area has been targeted by people dumping rubbish along the roadside and in local bushland, we encourage you to help report incidents in your local area.

If you see any suspicious activity, such as a vehicle (with or without a trailer) driving along your road, or in the bushland, that seems out of place please contact our Ranger Team ASAP with as much information as possible. Or send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Time of Incident
  • Type of vehicle and or registration number
  • Description of person or persons committing the offence
  • Location of the Illegal Dumping

This information will assist us to identify the people involved as well as build intelligence on the behaviour of people who are dumping rubbish illegally in our Shire.

To report an incident, please phone the Shires Emergency Services and Community Safety Team on 9526 1136

Become a litter reporter

If you are really passionate about litter prevention, you may consider becoming an independent litter reporter and report directly to the Keep Australia Beautiful Council.  For more information or to register as a litter reporter see KABC Litter Reporter Scheme.