Shire Budget 2021/22

Shire President message 

Description of imageI am pleased to present the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’s 2021/22 Budget, which represents a balance of continuing to deliver important programs, projects and services for our growing community, while recognising the financial pressures experienced by households and businesses as we continue our recovery from COVID-19.

The Council has worked hard to identify savings and efficiencies across the organisation, while ensuring we remain responsive to community needs and priorities.

We know that one of your key priorities is improving the safety and standard of our local road network. To help address this priority, the Budget includes $3.65 million for the following 9 road upgrades:

• $997,000 Nettleton Road upgrades
• $496,000 Rowley Road rehabilitation
• $480,000 Keirnan Street upgrades
• $445,000 Anketell Road upgrades
• $422,000 Hopkinson Road rehabilitation
• $330,000 Mundijong Road upgrades
• $204,000 Karnup Rd & Yangedi Rd intersection upgrade
• $180,000 Thomas Rd & Anketell Rd intersection upgrade
• $145,000 Kingsbury Drive rehabilitation

We are also focusing on a record investment in our Road Reseal Program, with $1.05 million to reseal 24 roads throughout the Shire.
This year we are also undertaking planning and design works for $18 million in upgrades for Kargotich, Orton and Soldiers roads, with construction scheduled for 2022/23.

The delivery of the projects, programs and services in the 2021/22 Budget will allow us to continue to grow a stronger and connected community, together and help deliver against our strategic vision of “City living offering a rural lifestyle with abundant opportunities for a diverse community”.

Cr Michelle Rich
Shire President

Budget snapshot 

The Shire’s 2021/22 total Operating Expenditure Budget is $32.32m*. The list below outlines the budget allocated for each service and program area.

$0.90m Buildings and community facilities 

$4.32m Planning Subdivision and building

$0.56m Communications and community engagement 

$0.38m Protection of the environment

$2.76m Community development 

$0.64m Public Health

$0.14m Community events 

$0.80m Public Library

$0.30m Community grants 

$0.61m Rangers and community safety

$1.83m Emergency services 

$1.98m Roads, footpaths, drainage

$7.51m Governance, strategy and accountability

$0.76m Street Lighting

$0.55m Members of Council

$4.26m Waste and recycling services

$4.02m Parks and gardens 

TOTAL = 33.32m

*Figures have been rounded to the nearest $10,000. For accounting reasons and for ease of understanding, depreciation and asset disposals (loss) have been removed from the fi gures listed above. The depreciation and asset disposal (loss) figures are AMOUNT and can be found in the 2021/22 Statutory Budget.

Delivering against our Strategic Community Plan 


  • Undertake Detail Design for Stage 1(a) of Keirnan Park Recreation and Sporting Precinct 
  • Upgrade Byford Hall to accommodate the Shire’s Library Service
  • Investment to maintain and upgrade community and sporting facilities
  • Improvements to drainage at Briggs Park upper oval


  • $4 million to maintain our local parks, ovals and gardens
  • $1.8 million for emergency services and fire prevention
  • Establishment of a Tip Shop
  • Feasibility Plan for Multipurpose Equine Facility


  • $3.65 million to upgrade 9 roads
  • $1.05 million for reseals to 25 roads
  • Undertake planning and design works for $18 million in upgrades for Kargotich, Orton and Soldiers roads
  • Delivery of trail upgrades to Marcora Trail, Kitty’s Gorge and Whitby Falls


  • Master Planning for the Byford Town Centre community site
  • Strategic Community Plan major review
  • Purchase of new site at West Mundijong for new Depot and Pound Facility
  • Commence planning for upgrades to Council Chambers & Administration Building