Removing Trees

Do I need Shire Approval to Remove Trees?

The removal of trees requires development approval from the Shire.

Exemptions from requiring development approval for tree removal are as follows:-

Any tree which:

  • is not naturally growing and is less than 4m in height and/or has a diameter less than 150mm (measured at a height of 1.2m or above);
  • constitutes an immediate threat to life of property (proof is required to be provided to the Shire prior to removal);
  • within 2m of a sewer, water main, effluent disposal system, stormwater or power network, where the tree has caused damage (proof is required to be provided to the Shire prior to removal);
  • is located within 3m of a building;
  • within an approved building envelope;
  • within the perimeter line of a proposed building which has a building permit;
  • is required for removal for the purposes of a firebreak;
  • within a 1m wide corridor for the purpose of erecting and maintaining a fence;
  • is required to be removed for the purposes of an approved effluent disposal system;
  • grown for commercial purposes;
  • required to comply with conditions of subdivision approval; and
  • related to public works by a public authority

If you would like to lodge an application, please complete an development application for development approval.

For further information, please contact Planning Services on 9526 1111 or by email