Structure Plans

What is a structure plan?

A structure plan illustrates the proposed structure and layout of a future development area.

The preparation of a structure plan is one of the first steps you need to take in order to progress a proposal for the development of a new urban area.  Structure plans illustrate key road configurations and the location of retail and community facilities such as shops, schools and public open spaces, as well as details such as housing density, land use classifications and buffer zones.

A standard structure plan process applies across the State, and is guided by the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015, the Shire of Serpentine Local Planning Scheme No. 3 and the Western Australian Planning Commission’s Structure Plan Guidelines.

When to prepare a structure plan

Structure plans are prepared and approved prior to the subdivision or development of land in development areas identified within the Shire’s Town Planning Scheme, or where required by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).

Structure plan process and framework

The Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 outline the requirements and procedures to follow to prepare a structure plan.

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage - Structure Plans flowchart explains the different types of structure plans and outlines the information that needs to be submitted with them.  This includes an application template to use a flowchart of the process.

Please ensure you engage the services of appropriate expertise when preparing a structure plan, including the preparation of all supporting information.  You should also contact the Shire’s Strategic Planning Services on 9526 1111 or by email to to arrange a pre-lodgement meeting before submitting your structure plan application.

A comprehensive suite of studies required to support and inform a Structure Plan and cover the full spectrum of the economic, social and environmental impacts of development.

For further information, please contact Strategic Planning Services on 9526 1111 or by email

List of Structure Plans

This page provides information on both currently operational and proposed structure plans. To find out whether a structure plan relates to a particular property, check with our online mapping tool.

A map showing the locations of the various District Structure Plans and Local Structure Plans is available below.   

District Structure Plan & Local Structure Plan Key Map

The detail of each structure plan is available for download under their respective headings below.

District Structure Plans

District Structure Plans (DSPs) are prepared to provide broad level guidance for more detailed planning (including Local Structure Plans) and subdivision and development.

Within the Shire there are three operational DSPs:

West Mundijong Industrial Development Contribution Plan

Mundijong-Whitby Implementation Strategy

Local Structure Plans

Local Structure Plans (LSPs) provide a much greater level of detail than DSPs, and are generally required prior to future subdivision and development.


Draft Local Structure Plans

 These are LSPs that are currently being progressed, according to the Deemed Provisions.

  • Lot 33 Hopkinson Road, Cardup
  • Cardup Brook Precinct
  • Mundijong Sub-Precincts E1 and E2
  • Mundijong Sub-Precinct Area G2 (Keirnan Street, Lang Street and Taylor Road)
  • Nettleton Road, Byford (Lots 801, 102 &103)

Please contact the Strategic Planning Team for the latest versions of these draft plans.