Our Values and Purpose

We will take responsibility for our actions, behaviours and performance.

  • Today, I will do what I promise I will do and follow through with my responsibilities.
  • Today, I will strive to be effective and efficient for and with my team.
  • Today, I take ownership of my tasks, role duties, and embrace change.
  • Today, I will hold others accountable for their promises.


We will communicate and collaborate in a positive way to help others learn and grow.

  • Today, I will encourage colleagues to express opinions and ideas in an objective way.
  • Today, I will seek and provide feedback in a positive way to gain a shared understanding.
  • Today, I will work with and across teams to achieve the best outcomes for the organisation and
    the community.
  • Today, I will be proactive and connected with others to seek their input.


We will trust each other by being reliable, credible and open.

  • Today, I will develop myself to be able to provide outstanding performance.
  • Today, I will be dependable by delivering on my promises.
  • Today, I will genuinely care about my colleagues and community.
  • Today, I will support others to achieve and deliver success.

Our Common Purpose

To proactively support our thriving community. A focus on behaviours driven by our shared values. 

The Shire's administration is headed by the Chief Executive Officer and a team of four directors who manage various divisions of the Shire's operations.