Dog Attacks

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale treats dog attacks and dog aggression very seriously.  While most dog owners responsibly control their dogs, incidents may still occur. Legislation covering Dog Attacks is prescribed in the Dog Act 1976, to view the act online please see the link below:

Dog Act 1976

A Dog Attack has been reported, what happens now?

If the attack is in progress or has only just happened a Ranger will attend and make an assessment as to whether the offending dog has been contained or needs to be seized immediately to prevent further disruption to the community.

The Rangers will then begin investigating the alleged attack and will conduct a thorough investigation, including:

  • Obtaining Statements from all parties involved, including the victim, the dog owner and any relevant
  • Obtaining photographic evidence of any injuries received the location of the attack and the attacking dog/s (if known) for identification
  • Obtaining any relevant medical and/or veterinary
  • Ascertaining if the attacking dog has any previous
  • Assessing the severity of the attack and the circumstances surrounding the incident

The investigating Ranger may need to contact you on more than one occasion for signing of documentation or if any further clarification is required.

Once the documentation has been compiled, the Ranger will complete the investigation and recommend an outcome.  You will be notified of this in writing.

Outcomes may include, but not be limited to the following:

  • No Court action as the case is not proven
  • Cautions and/or Infringements issued
  • Dangerous Dog Declaration
  • Court Action

If court action is proposed, you may be required to attend to give evidence in the matter.The cost of the prosecution relating to court action is borne by the Shire with the final verdict, including the awarding of any fines and costs being decided by the presiding Magistrate.

Can the Shire help to recover my costs such as medical, veterinary, or other personal expenses?

No. Any claim for costs associated with a dog attack is a civil matter and should be resolved between the parties; we encourage you to seek independent legal advice.

Should further information be required please speak with a member of the Emergency Service and Community Safety Team by contacting 9526 1111.