Planning an event in the Shire?

Why public events are good the community?

There are many benefits for the people who live in our community and local businesses when you hold a public event in the Shire.

Public and community events bring people together, keep traditions alive and help new ones to develop. Visitors who live outside our community will also come to our towns and allow us to show off what makes our Shire so special.

What is a public event?

Public events are organised by and held for the community, and are open to the general public either by general entry, bookings or ticket sales.They may be one off events, held every year or a few times a year, and normally focus on culture, or support a charity or a cause.

Public events may encourage people to spend money at local businesses, support and raise awareness for a cause, group or club, or simply provide entertainment.

Public events include festivals and fairs, markets, public forums, conferences and expos, learning and education sessions, sporting, recreational and entertainment events. 

Why you need to let the Shire know about your event?

The Shire supports events that help make our local community a better place to live and can help you through the event application process. We want your event to be a success and can help you keep the risk to public health and safety low. This is why the Shire reviews all public events through an application process.

When to submit your event application

Please send us your application at least 6 weeks before the event date.Depending on the type and size of your event, more than one department may need to look at your application.

How to prepare your event application

  1. Set your event date and book your venue.
  2. If you are planning to use a Shire venue or facility, complete and send your booking form to (more info below).
  3. Complete the Public Event Risk Assessment Form to find out your risk assessment score.
  4. Complete the event application form for your risk assessment score – Low, Medium or High.
  5. Prepare any extra information that the event application form asks for.

How to submit your event application

Email your application to

What happens next?

The Shire’s Events Officer will review the application to check that you have sent in all the information.If everything looks ok, the application will be sent to the Environmental Health team who will assess your application.When they have finished, they will send you a letter to approve your event or tell you why it can’t go ahead.

Do you have questions or need help with your event?

You can contact the Shire’s Events Officer on 9526 1111 or email

Shire venues and facilities for hire

The Shire has a range of halls, pavilions and ovals that are available for hire.

Facilities for Hire


Public Event – Risk Assessment Form 

Low Risk Event – Application Form

Medium Risk Event – Application Form

High Risk Event – Application Form

Communication Plan

Shire Facility / Oval Booking Form

Confirmation of Electrical Maintenance and Servicing