Bookable Library spaces

Did you know you can book a space at the SJ Library Services for meetings, workshops and other various sessions?

There are three spaces available for booking. They include the:

  • Co-working space
  • MakerSpace
  • Multi-purpose room

More information on each of these spaces, including how to book them, can be found below.

Co-working space - 858 Colab

Meet 858 CoLab - Your co-working space. 858 CoLab offers the best flexible workspaces in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale. The co-working space provides a location to be productive and collaborate without working from home or in a standalone office. This is a great space to meet colleagues and clients while having access to all the services that the library offers. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, choose from 4 co-working spaces at 858 CoLab. Bring your business to the heart of Byford and take advantage of our FREE, modern co-working spaces! 

Book the Co-working space here


The MakerSpace provides a space where people can gather and interact with others to learn, be creative, tinker, explore and discover. The MakerSpace aims to encourage users to be creative through experimentation, with the aim to spark new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Book the MakerSpace here

Multi-purpose room

This room allows space for up to 25 people with online meeting functionality, TV, projector and whiteboards available.

Book the Multi-purpose room here