Our commitment to you

"We strive to provide a friendly, professional and efficient service which meets your needs."

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Our Customer Service Values

We focus on the customer

We will provide high-quality service, while respecting each other and our customers

We do the right thing

We will act with integrity, honesty and respect and create a sustainable environment for our people and the community

We act safely

We put safety first, we care about each other and our environment

We work as a team

We will work together and help each other, and consider the impact of our action on others

What you can expect from us 

In person

We will be professional, welcoming and attend to you as quickly as possible.

We will be easily identifiable and wear a name badge so you know who you are speaking to.

We will be considerate of your privacy and confidentiality.


We will answer your call courteously, professionally and identify ourselves by name.

We will inform an appropriate officer when we are transferring your call so you don’t have to

explain your query multiple times.

We will endeavour to answer the telephone within three rings.

We will inform you of any delays and offer to call you back.

If you request a call back we will contact you within one business day.

Outside business hours, we will provide a limited phone service for emergency situations. Urgent calls will be referred to a Council duty officer.

Non-urgent calls will be referred to the relevant Council department the next business day.


We will keep our website and social media channels up to date, and provide helpful and relevant information through all online channels

We will respond to questions asked on our social media channels within four days during business hours.

We will respond to urgent matters where possible after hours.

In writing

We will respond in a clear, concise manner using plain English.

We will respond to correspondence within seven working days and keep you informed of the progress of your enquiry if any delays occur.

We will confirm receipt of emails sent to the Shire’s mailbox immediately and within 24 hours we will advise you of the officer or department responsible for your query.

We will use the most suitable method of contact for a response, to ensure prompt service.

When responding to customers, we will explain and give reasons in those circumstances where we cannot support or meet a request made of us.