Merri Harris - SJ Food and Farm Alliance

Merri was recognised as a part of the Shire’s Volunteer Recognition Program for her hard work with the SJ Food and Farm Alliance. Merri received a $50 voucher to a restaurant of her choice located within the Shire.

We asked Merri a few questions about their experience volunteering:

How did you get involved in volunteering for your club/group?

I have been involved in the SJ Food and Farm Alliance since 2013/14 where I was one of the founding group members. 

How long have you been involved in volunteering?

I have been volunteering since 2005. 

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

You get the joy of seeing things that are important to the community grow and help make people feel connected to their community.  The people you get to work with for the common goal are pretty special people and nice to hang around with!

What makes your club/group special to you?

The Food and Farm Alliance is a very special, and important, part of maintaining the rural heritage and feel of the SJ Shire.  It has now progressed so well that it is a pleasure to hand over the reigns of the organisation to a very vibrant, skilled and group of much YOUNGER group of people.  That is a pure joy and sense of success!

Why would you recommend others to get involved in volunteering?

Volunteering enables you to hang out with people of similar values and ideas and there can be many joys to be had when your projects come to fruition.  The 2021 Food and farm Fest is a perfect example of that.

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