Planning an event in the Shire

There are many benefits for the people who live in our community and our local businesses when there is an event in the Shire.

Events bring people together, keep existing traditions alive and help new traditions develop. They also encourage visitors from outside the Shire to visit and find out what makes our Shire so great.

What is a public event?

Public events are organised by and held for the community, and are open to the general public or to a specific club or group. They may be one off events, held every year or a few times a year, and normally focus on culture, sport or entertainment.

Events often support and raise awareness for a cause, group, club or community service by providing activities, information and entertainment.

Public events include festivals, fairs, school fetes, markets, sporting and recreational races or competitions, concerts and other live entertainment performances. 

Why you should let the Shire know about your event

The Shire supports events that help make our local community a better place to live and we want your event to be a success.

We receive dozens of event applications every year and keep a Public Events Register of what is happening and where. By sending us the details of your event, we can let you know if there is something else planned on the same date that may have an impact on your event, or if there are any works scheduled by the Shire that could also affect your plans.

How to notify us of your event

Download and complete the Event Notification Form and email it to at least eight (8) weeks before the event date.

The Shire’s Events Officer will review the information you have provided within two (2) working days of receipt and let you know the outcome as follows:

  • Full event application is required
    • We will send you an email outlining what additional information you need to provide and send you a Public Event Application Form to complete. The event details are also added to our Public Events Register.
    • The application will be assessed and you will be notified of the outcome by our Environmental Health team.


  • Full event application is not required
    • We will send you a confirmation email and add your event details to our Public Events Register.

Access and Inclusion at your event

Many people in our community experience difficulty in mobility, hearing, seeing and communicating with others. There are many simple ways to ensure your event is inclusive and accessible to everyone, from your invitations and promotional material, to parking and access, to what happens on the day.

Find an easy to use check list to ensure your event’s accessibility below.

Accessible Events Checklist

Further information

If you have any questions about the process, or want advice about planning your event, please contact the Shire’s Events Officer by phoning 9526 1111 or emailing

Shire venues and facilities available for hire

You can review the Shire’s range of halls, pavilions and ovals that are available for hire via the link below.

Facilities for Hire

Grants and Funding from the Shire

The Shire has a range of grants and funding opportunities available that may be relevant for your event.

Click here to view further details on the Shire website.


Event Notification Form

Public Event Application Form

Risk Management Plan - Template

Guidelines for Sausage Sizzles

Application for a Collective Food Vendors Approval

Confirmation of Electrical Maintenance and Servicing


COVID Event Plan and Guidelines

Department of Health Events registration

Permit to Consume Alcohol on Shire Property

Accessible Events Checklist