Planning an event in the Shire

The Shire encourages event organisers to deliver events that benefit the community, consistent with the following principles:

  • Promote a sense of community and inclusion across the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.
  • Celebrate cultural diversity and heritage.
  • Encourage residents to be healthy, active and engaged in community life.
  • Encourage the development of locally led and delivered projects and activities.
  • Support the delivery of high quality projects in line with Shire plans and objectives.

How the Shire can help with your event

Support from the Events Officer
The Shire’s Events Officer is your main point of contact and will guide you through the Public Event Application process to provide support and advice on how to deliver a successful, safe event in our Shire. The Events Officer will also keep you informed about such things as major road works and other events in the Shire that may have an impact on your plans.

Grants and funding opportunities
The Shire has a range of grants and funding opportunities available that may be relevant for your event.
Click here to view further details.

Shire facilities and sports grounds available for hire
Click here to review and book a range of halls, pavilions and sports grounds that are available for hire.

Public events

Public events include festivals, fairs, school fetes, markets, sporting and recreational races or competitions, concerts and other live entertainment performances.  

The event might only be held once for a specific purpose (e.g celebrating a milestone), on an annual ongoing basis (eg fair or festival), or it may be held several times throughout the year (e.g trail running or cycling races).

Public events normally focus on culture, sport or entertainment and often support and raise awareness for a cause, group, club or community service by providing activities, information and entertainment.

Public Event Applications

Events that require a Public Event Application
The following types of events require the submission of a Public Event Application. If you are not sure if your event fits in to this list, please contact the Events Officer to discuss.

  • Events with 100 or more attendees; 
  • Events that are open to the general public; 
  • Events that have food and/or beverages served or available for purchase;
  • Events where alcohol will be served, for sale and/or BYO; 
  • Events with large amusements, rides, bouncy castles or sideshows;
  • Events where there will be animals present, e.g. farm animal petting zoo, dog/cat show, pony rides.
  • Events with overnight camping
  • Events with amplified music, announcements and/or live performances
  • Events where there will be generators used.

Events that DO NOT require a Public Event Application
The following types of events are exempt from having to submit a Public Event Application. If you are not sure if your event fits in to this list, please contact the Events Officer to discuss.

  • Fundraising sausage sizzles - please download our Guidelines for Sausage Sizzles from the Downloads list below.
  • Functions held on private property that are not open to the general public e.g. birthday party, wedding, anniversary, house warming party etc. Don’t forget to register your event with the Western Australian Police Force 
  • Events that are part of the usual business of places for which there is an existing public building approval, eg wedding or conference venue.

Processing timeframes

The Public Event Application approval process can take up to eight (8) weeks depending on how complete your application is at the time of submission, the size, complexity and types of activities at your event, and what other external approvals may be required.

Once your application has been received it needs to be reviewed and assessed by several different departments before the approval can be issued.

How to submit your Public Event Application

  • Download and read through the Public Event Application Form and Guidelines via the link below.
  • Contact the Events Officer to discuss your event and have any questions answered.
  • Submit your application and all supporting documents via email to

**Please ensure that you submit your event application a minimum of 8 weeks before your event date. If your event is less than 8 weeks away, please contact the Events Officer ASAP to discuss.

Welcome and Acknowledgement to Country

Welcome to Country ceremonies are an acknowledgement and recognition of Noongar Peoples heritage and the ongoing relationship of traditional owners with the land. An Acknowledgment of Country is a way that non-Aboriginal people can show their respect to Noongar Peoples. It is appropriate for events and public speaking to follow this protocol.

The South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council have developed an excellent Protocol Guide to support organisations to help understand Noongar protocols and how to work with Noongar people in a way that is respectful of culture and community. It includes an outline of the process and requirements for Welcome to Country at events.

Click here to view the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council Noongar Protocols

Accessibility and inclusion at events

People with a disability may experience difficulty hearing, seeing small print, climbing steps, understanding signage, or using facilities at a venue. Public events need to be planned to ensure they are accessible to all members of the community.

Click here to download the Department of Communities Accessible Events Checklist.


Department of Health - Guidelines for Concerts, Events & Gatherings 2022

Public Event Application Form and Guidelines

Risk Management Plan - Template

Confirmation of Electrical Maintenance and Servicing

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale - Permit to Consume Alcohol on Shire Property

Event Emergency Management Plan - Template

Event Noise Management Plan - Template

Waste Management Plan - Template

Application for a Collective Food Vendors Approval

Guidelines for Sausage Sizzles

Guidelines for Body & Face Painting

Useful Links

Department of Health - Events registration

South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council - Noongar Protocols

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Further information

If you have any questions about the process, or want advice about planning your event, please contact us.