Hairdressing and Beauty Businesses


Hairdressing establishments are required to comply with the Hairdressing Establishment Regulations 1972. These regulations provide the minimum requirements for health and hygiene standards that must be adhered to in order to minimise the risk for the spread of infectious diseases.

Beauty and Skin Penetration

A skin penetration procedure is any procedure that involves the tearing, cutting, puncturing or shaving of the skin and includes services such as:

  • acupuncture
  • beauty treatments (such as waxing)
  • body piercing
  • cosmetic enhancements
  • tattooing

Infection prevention and control is important so that you do not transmit a disease or infection to yourself or your clients. The skin penetration legislation and Code of Practice helps those involved in these industries to comply with requirements in the:

Application Process

To operate a skin penetration or Hairdressing establishment you must;

  1. Apply for Building and Planning Approvals
  2. Submit a completed Notification of a Skin Penetration Premises or Hairdressing Establishment form along with detailed fit-out plans to the Shire’s Environmental Health team for assessment.

It is mandatory for a hairdressing or skin penetration operator to comply with legislation. The operator must satisfy minimum standards of infection control such as basic hygiene, disinfection and sterilisation requirements. The owner of an establishment who fails to comply with the regulations or the code may be fined up to $1000, plus daily penalties.

The Shire’s Environmental Health Officers may periodically inspect these establishments to confirm that these health and hygiene standards are being followed.

Additional references

For further information, please contact Health Services on (08) 9526 1111 or email