Abandoned Vehicles

It is an offence to leave or abandon your vehicle in a public place, on a carriage way or in a road reserve in excess of 24 hours. Where the Shire considers a vehicle is unlawfully parked, abandoned, unregistered or disused, the Shire may impound that vehicle.

Our abandoned vehicle process

Once the Shire receives a complaint regarding an alleged Abandoned Vehicle, a Ranger will attend the location, carry out an investigation and if required commence the “Abandoned Vehicle” process.

  1. The Shire is required to make all reasonable attempts to contact the last known registered owner of the vehicle. Where an owner is identified, the Shire allows a maximum of seven (7) days for the vehicle to be moved on to private property before it is impounded. During the Abandoned Vehicle process, two notice stickers may be applied to the vehicle.
  2. In the event that the vehicle is still not moved on to private property after seven days, the Shire can arrange for the vehicle to be towed and impounded immediately.
  3. All impounded vehicles will be stored for a period of two months. Following the completion of this period, the vehicle may be sold by public tender or disposed of by other means.
  4. Where a vehicle is considered to be dangerous by the Police, it may be removed within 24 hours.

Note: The process for abandoned vehicles may be impacted by a number of factors and as such the removal of a reported vehicle may take up to 14 days.

Where is the vehicle taken?

Vehicles impounded by the Shire are held at our contractor’s holding facility. You will need to contact them directly to arrange the release of your vehicle. Fees will be payable direct to the contractor, and proof of ownership and driver’s licence must be presented before you are granted access to the vehicle.

What disposal options do I have for a vehicle I no longer want?

You can consider the following options:

  1. Contact a scrap metal merchant that collects cars;
  2. Contact a motor vehicle wrecker that collects for wrecking; or
  3. Identify an organisation that may at times accept old vehicles for donation ie TAFE, FESA etc

Reporting an abandoned vehicle

For vehicles located on major roads and freeways, please contact Main Roads WA on 13 81 38 or go to

Main Roads WA Website

For all other vehicles on roads and in public places please contact the Shire’s Emergency Services and Community Safety Team on 9526 1111.