Your Council

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is served by a Council consisting of a Shire President and six  Councillors, who are elected by popular vote to represent their community.

Councillors work together as a team to represent the interests of the Shire as a whole. Once a decision is made by Council it is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer to see that decision implemented.

Shire President

President Rob Coales
0425 031 976



Cr Tricia Duggin
Deputy President
0432 426 818
Cr Nathan Bishop
Councillor - North West Ward
0468 376 617
Cr Reece Jerrett
Councillor -South Ward
0403 341 099
Cr Shaye Mack
Councillor - North Ward
0439 919 658
Cr Morgan Byas
Councillor - North West Ward
0437 661 776
Cr Courtney Mazzini
Councillor - North Ward