Council meetings

En Bloc

The term ‘en bloc’ is used to describe the practice of adopting the recommendations presented to a Council or Committee by the use of only one resolution or the adoption of the recommendations in groups, without a separate resolution for each recommendation.

En Bloc voting can be used to provide efficiency in the meeting, where all members attending the meeting believe that a number of items, motions or recommendations can be determined without debate.

As part of the Shire’s efforts to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings, tonight’s meeting will include the opportunity for matters to be considered by Council en bloc.

Matters not to be included in en bloc decisions are those which require:

  • Absolute Majority;
  • Matters to be determined behind closed doors;
  • Declared Interests made in relation to the item; and
  • Deputations or Statements made in relation to the item.

Before commencing the process, the Presiding Member provides a brief explanation of the ‘en bloc’ method of decision making, for the benefit of any members of the public in the gallery.

The Presiding Member then introduces the recommendations by reading the heading for each item. This allows members and the public to follow the business of the meeting.


The following reports have been identified to be decided upon by voting en bloc:

  • Report 10.1.1 - Proposed Extension of Extraction Timeframe and Amendment to Approved Area of Extraction for ‘Mining Operations’ - Lot 63, 1265 Hopeland Road, Keysbrook (PA23/371);
  • Report 10.1.2 - Proposed ‘Recreation - Private’ (Gym and Swim School) and ‘Shop’ - Lot 2, 640 South Western Highway, Byford (PA23/391);”
  • and so on…

After reading out all reports identified to be decided on by ‘en bloc’, Elected Members are given the opportunity to have any reports removed that they deem not appropriate to be included in this process.

Once all are agreed, a mover and seconder will propose a motion for the en bloc decision, for example:

That the recommendations contained in Reports A, B, F and G be adopted en bloc”.

If this motion is passed by the meeting, then the recommendations contained within each of the reports, are carried / adopted in full, without the need to deal with each item separately.

The meeting then proceeds as per usual, to the reports in order of the Agenda that were excluded from this process.

2024 Meeting Dates

At the 20 June 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council resolved that Council and Committee Meetings will be audio recorded in accordance with Council Policy. If you are asking a public question or making a statement or deputation to the meeting this will be audio recorded. Members of the public are reminded that no other visual or audio recording of this meeting by any other means is allowed.

Ordinary Council Meetings

Ordinary Council Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month (except for December, which will be held on the second Monday) in the Council Chambers at the Civic Centre, 6 Paterson Street, Mundijong and commence at 7pm. Residents and ratepayers are welcome to attend. 

There is no Ordinary Council Meeting in January.

No action should be taken on any item discussed at a Council Meeting prior to written advice on the resolution of Council being received.

Ordinary Council Meetings Schedule
Ordinary Council Meeting 19 February 2024
Ordinary Council Meeting 18 March 2024
Ordinary Council Meeting 15 April 2024
Ordinary Council Meeting 20 May 2024
Ordinary Council Meeting 17 June 2024
Ordinary Council Meeting 15 July 2024
Ordinary Council Meeting 19 August 2024
Ordinary Council Meeting 16 September 2024
Ordinary Council Meeting  21 October 2024
Ordinary Council Meeting 18 November 2024
Ordinary Council Meeting 9 December 2024

Committee Meetings

Council has the following Committees:

  • Audit, Risk and Governance Committee
  • CEO Employment Committee

The dates for each committee are listed below and all meetings commence at 5:30pm and are held in the Council Chambers located in the Civic Centre, 6 Paterson Street, Mundijong.

Audit, Risk and Governance Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings Schedule
Audit, Risk and Governance Committee Meeting 26 February 2024
Audit, Risk and Governance Committee Meeting 27 May 2024
Audit, Risk and Governance Committee Meeting 26 August 2024
Audit, Risk and Governance Committee Meeting 25 November 2024

CEO Employment Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings Schedule
CEO Employment Committee Meeting  5 February 2024