2021 Meeting Dates

Ordinary Council Meetings

Ordinary Council Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month (except for October and December which will be held on the second Monday) in the Council Chambers at the Civic Centre, 6 Paterson Street, Mundijong and commence at 7pm. Residents and ratepayers are welcome to attend. 

There is no Ordinary Council Meeting in January.

No action should be taken on any item discussed at a Council Meeting prior to written advice on the resolution of Council being received.

Ordinary and Special Council Meetings
Ordinary Council Meeting 15 February 2021
Special Council Meeting 7:00pm 22 February 2021 - to consider the request for additional funds to complete the Abernethy Road Upgrade - Separable Portion 4 (Works within Rail Boundary) in Byford.
Ordinary Council Meeting 15 March 2021
General Meeting of Electors  6:30pm, 17 March 2021
Special Council Meeting 7:00pm, 29 March 2021 to consider the Office and Depot Accommodation - Feasibility Plan; Office and Depot Accommodation - Library Relocation of Byford Hall; Appointment of Director Infrastructure Services
Ordinary Council Meeting 19 April 2021
Ordinary Council Meeting 17 May 2021
Ordinary Council Meeting 21 June 2021
Ordinary Council Meeting 19 July 2021
Special Council Meeting 7:00pm, 28 July 2021 for the purpose of:
Consideration of the following reports:

1) Consideration of Submissions – 2021/22 Differential General Rates and Minimum Payments and Draft Rating Strategy;
2) 2021/2022 Budget;

3) Long Term Financial Plan 2021-31 and Corporate Business Plan 2021-25.

Ordinary Council Meeting 16 August 2021
Ordinary Council Meeting 20 September 2021
Ordinary Council Meeting  11 October 2021
Special Council Meeting 6:00pm, 18 October 2021 
Special Council Meeting 7:00pm, 25 October 2021 for the purpose of: ‘Council considering appointments to particular Committees and other groups’
Ordinary Council Meeting 15 November 2021
Ordinary Council Meeting 13 December 2021

Committee Meetings

Council has the following Committees:

  • Audit, Risk and Governance Committee
  • CEO Employment Committee

The dates for each committee are listed below and all meetings commence at 5.30pm and are held in the Council Chambers located in the Civic Centre, 6 Paterson Street, Mundijong.

Audit, Risk and Governance Committee

Committee Meetings Schedule
Special Audit Risk & Governance Committee Meeting  6.00pm 8 February 2021
Audit Risk & Governance Committee Meeting 22 February 2021
Audit Risk & Governance Committee Meeting 24 May 2021
Audit Risk & Governance Committee Meeting 23 August 2021
Audit Risk & Governance Committee Meeting 01 November 2021

CEO Employment Committee

Committee Meetings Schedule
CEO Employment Committee Meeting  5.00pm 08 February 2021
CEO Employment Committee Meeting 02 August 2021