Introduction to Planning

Find out what the Strategic and Statutory Planning teams are responsible for. 

We need to carefully plan for the growth of our Shire, to ensure that the character and beauty of our local area is not compromised. The Shire has two planning teams that work closely together. Refer to the Western Australian Planning Commission's website for further information to help explain the planning system.

Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

State Planning Framework

The Strategic Planning team is responsible for:

  • Delivering major projects and applications for multiple lots.
  • Managing the preparation and assessment of Structure Plans
  • Preparing strategies for future growth
  • Preparing policies to guide future development
  • Assessment of Scheme Amendments to the Shire's Local Planning Scheme

The Statutory Planning team is responsible for:

  • Assessing various development applications
  • Assessing subdivision applications
  • Providing information to landowners on the development potential of their land
  • Development on a single lot
Whilst the planning process can prove complex at times, our team is happy to assist you.