In August 2018, Council adopted the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Equine Strategy. This document looks at all facets of the equine industry including horse ownership, disciplines, economy and infrastructure to provide direction about how the Shire can best support the industry.

Key findings of research undertaken for the strategy identified:

  • The Shire is home to 3,876 registered horses - more than any other WA Local Government area;
  • The Shire has twice the number of registered racing horses (harness and thoroughbred) than the next largest Local Government area, making it WA’s biggest racing hub;
  • Around 30 per cent of the State’s active Standardbred (harness) horses are stabled in the Shire;
  • The Shire is home to the second largest number of registered equestrian and pony club members, and the third highest number of polocrosse members; and
  • A further 4,500 unregistered horses kept for leisure or as companion animals are stabled in the Shire.

As the largest equine centre in WA, the Shire will continue to work with local equine businesses and clubs to best support them and continue to represent our local identity.

The five major strategic opportunities presented in the strategy include:

  1. Development of an Equine Business Network - to encourage collaboration between local equine businesses;
  2. Hosting or supporting an annual Equine Festival – to showcase and celebrate all things equine;
  3. Development of equine tourism opportunities in the Shire;
  4. Establishment of a Centre of Excellence to offer training for equine-related skills; and
  5. Equine branding and positioning - development and active promotion of the Shire’s equine brand.

Equine Strategy