Establishing a new food business

Setting up your new food business is an exciting time and, it is important that your new food business complete some important steps required by the Food Act 2008, Food Regulations 2009 and Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code Ultimately, you are required to obtain a Certificate of Registration, with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.

Starting a new food premise or renovating an existing one?

To assist with starting a new food business you can view our Establish or construct a food business guide.

Note: It is important that before submitting any Food Act 2008 applications to ensure that the necessary planning and building approvals are in place.

Once you have the necessary planning and building approvals it is very useful to submit the Construct or Alter a Food premises application form to our Environmental Health services because this is your direct link to discussing your new food business with one of our Environmental Health Officers.

Then once construction/alterations to your premises are almost complete, contact us to arrange a final assessment with one of our Environmental Health Officers who will help you complete our Food premises notification / registration form.

This is an important form we use to determine the correct food safety risk category for your new food business.

Buying an existing food business?

If you are purchasing an existing food business within the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, then you are required to notify us by completing the Food premises notification / registration form.

Following this notification, our Environmental Health Officer will contact you to discuss an initial assessment the issuing of a new Certificate of Registration for your food business.

Risk Ratings, Annual Assessment frequency and Fees

The Shire uses a risk-based classification system for food safety assessment frequencies. The initial risk classification and frequency of assessment for each business is determined by the information provided in the Food premises notification / registration form.

General reference for food businesses classifications:

  • Exempt e.g. news agencies selling packaged confectionery.
  • Low risk e.g. home based food businesses.
  • Medium Risk e.g. most cafes and restaurants will fall into this category.
  • High Risk e.g. food-catering business/Childcare, Aged Care Facilities.

There is an annual assessment fee applied for twelve (12) months and invoices at the start of each calendar year. Fees may be charged pro-rata if you apply for your registration and annual assessment fee after the commencement of the calendar year.

Re-issuing a copy of your Certificate of Registration

Food Regulations 2009 require your certificate of registration to be displayed whilst trading. If for any reason you need a new copy of your current certificate, you can make application on our Application form: Request for Environmental Health Document Search.

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