Hypergrowth Road Upgrades

Hypergrowth road upgrades to improve local road safety. 

Expected outcomes:

  • Improve the safety of our local road network in anticipation of hypergrowth
  • Reduce road crashes and fatalities
  • Support tourism and investment within the Shire

Project overview:

Tremendous pressure will be exerted on local roads due to works on the 14km Tonkin Highway extension, from Thomas Road to South Western Highway, and the subsequent increase in traffic.

The Tonkin Highway extension project includes an upgrade of Thomas Road from Tonkin Highway to South Western Highway. It will take about three years to complete, with a joint Federal and Western Australian Government funding commitment of more than $1bn.

These factors, along with the anticipated Shire population growth rate of 96% from 2021 to 2036, mean that the Shire’s roads connecting to the Tonkin Highway are in dire need of an upgrade to improve road safety.

What’s the community need?

State and Federal Government funding is necessary to ensure that the Shire‘s Tonkin Highway extension connectivity roads are fit for purpose, and road safety in the region is treated as priority.

What‘s happening now?

We have selected nine road projects in the order of priority which align closely with the Tonkin Highway extension.

No State or Federal Government grant funding is currently available to support the delivery of these urgent road upgrades.

A list of the nine priority roads, supported by road crash data, is supplied on the following fact sheet.

Funding request:

The Shire is seeking $41.1 million in Federal and State Government funding to urgently action upgrades and improvements to the Shire’s road network.

Advocacy alignment:

  • Population Growth
  • Education Training and Employment
  • Financial Capacity

Factsheet: Hypergrowth road upgrade requests and crash data