A crossover is the access for vehicles to your property from the road. It is the section of your driveway between your property boundary and the road. Maintenance and repairs of the crossover are your responsibility as a land owner. You may be liable for any damage caused to the road, kerb or footpath by way of vehicle access to the property during the construction of the crossover.

Crossover Specifications

All buildings and developments approved within the Shire are required to have a crossover constructed to the required specifications set by Council. In order to receive the standard specifications and any particular specifications that relate to your property please complete an application form below and submit it to the Shire for assessment.

You will then receive your specifications, together with Standard Specifications for Crossover Construction (which includes drawings if required) and an Application for Crossover Subsidy form.

Standard Specifications for Construction of a Crossover

Application for Crossover Construction

Crossover Subsidy

A subsidy of up to $400 maybe paid towards the cost of construction of your crossover, provided it meets specifications to enable subsidy approval. Upon completion of the crossover, complete the form below and submit it to us together with a copy of your receipt(s) for consideration.

Your crossover will then be inspected and, if approved, the subsidy approval will be forwarded to our Finance team to be paid.

If your crossover does not meet the required specifications, you will be forwarded a letter advising of why it will not attract the subsidy.

Please note this process takes approximately 3-4 weeks. Please note that you will not be eligible for a subsidy if one has been claimed by a previous owner, or this crossover is an additional crossover on your property.

Application Form - Crossover Subsidy

Submit a request

Should you have any queries regarding crossovers, you can submit them via our Request & Report It system.

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