Emergency Services Volunteering

Volunteers are an integral part of delivering emergency service activities within our Shire.

Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades

The Shire have six Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (VBFB), one State Emergency Services Unit (SES) and an Emergency Support Group (ESG) operating within the Shire.

Volunteer today!  You will be surprised at the level of personal satisfaction you will feel, not to mention the skills you will gain.  Many of the volunteers mention how it has been a great way to meet other community members and build resilience within their community. 

Contact your closest Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade.

Byford Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Email byfordfire@sjshire.wa.gov.au
Oakford Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Email oakfordfire@sjshire.wa.gov.au
Mundijong Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Email mundijongfire@sjshire.wa.gov.au
Jarrahdale Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Email jarrahdalefire@sjshire.wa.gov.au
Serpentine Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Email serpentinefire@sjshire.wa.gov.au
Keysbrook Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Email keysbrookfire@sjshire.wa.gov.au

State Emergency Services

When a natural disaster strikes – a storm, cyclone, earthquake, or flood – State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers can be found helping communities and getting them back on their feet. SES provides a wide range of services to help communities cope with the effects of natural disasters, from emergency repairs on buildings to restoration of essential services and the ferrying of cargo and passengers across flood waters.

State Emergency Services
Email sjses@sjshire.wa.gov.au
Emergency Support Brigade
Email esg@sjshire.wa.gov.au