Second Dwelling on a Property

Can I have a Second Dwelling on my Property?

Generally, a second dwelling is not permitted. The Shire may consider a second dwelling in the following cases:

Grouped Dwelling

A grouped dwelling is a group of two or more dwellings on the same lot, where one is not placed vertically above the other. Generally, grouped dwellings can only be considered on lots zoned ‘Urban Development’, ‘Residential’, ‘Neighbourhood Centre’, ‘Town Centre’ and ‘Mixed Use’. There are also various other development standards that determine whether a grouped dwelling can be considered for the property.  This includes the document commonly referred to as the R Codes.

Ancillary Accommodation

An ancillary dwelling is a self-contained dwelling on the same lot as a single house which may be attached to, integrated with or detached from the single house.

An ancillary dwelling can be applied for through a development application to the Shire on lots greater that 450m2  in the following zones: ‘Residential’, ‘Special Residential’, ‘Special Rural’, ‘Rural’, ‘Special Use’, ‘Rural Living A’ , ‘Rural Living B’, ‘Farmlet’, ‘Conservation Zone’, ‘Agricultural Protection’, ‘Urban Development’, ‘Rural Residential’ and ‘Rural Groundwater Protection’.

Local Planning Policy 4.1 Ancillary Dwelling sets out development standards for ancillary dwellings in the Shire. Where there is a variation from the requirements of the policy, the development application cannot be determined by Shire Officers and will have to be determined by Council.  Policy provisions determine the degree to which a development may be supported.

Rural Worker’s Dwelling

A rural worker’s dwelling could be constructed as a second dwelling. It must however be occupied by persons (and their family) engaged in any of the following uses on that land: Cottage Industry; Feedlot; Fish Farming; Horticultural Pursuit; Pig Farming; Poultry Farming; Rural Industry or Rural Use. A rural worker’s dwelling is only able to be considered in the ‘Rural’ zone through a development application.

Caretaker’s Dwelling

A caretaker’s dwelling is a building used as a dwelling by a person having the care of the building, plant, equipment or grounds associated with an industry, business, office or recreation area carried on or existing on the same site. Caretaker’s dwellings can only be considered in the following zones: ‘Residential’, ‘Commercial’, ‘Showroom/Warehouse’, ‘Light Industry’, ‘General Industry’, ‘Rural’, ‘Highway Commercial’, ‘Rural Groundwater Protection’ and ‘Mixed Business’. In addition, some areas within ‘Special Use’, ‘Special Residential’ and ‘Conservation’ zones can apply for a caretaker’s dwelling.

If you would like to lodge an application, please complete a development application for development approval.

For further information, please contact Planning Services on 9526 1111 or by email