Keeping of Bees

For beekeeping within the townsites of Byford, Mundijong, Jarrahdale and Serpentine, you will need to obtain a permit from the Shire. Residents in areas outside of these town sites are permitted to keep bee hives, provided that they do not cause a nuisance.

At any point should the Shire Officers determine that a person has contravened any provision of the Beekeeping Local Law, conditions of a permit may be varied or the permit cancelled and a written notice be issued to remove all bees and hives. Penalties do apply. 

How many hives can I have?

  • On land that is less than 2,000 metres² - the occupier can have up to two bee hives.
  • On land that is between 2,000 metres² and 20,000 metres² - the occupier can have up to 15 bee hives.

Application for permit to keep bees

If you live within a townsite and wish to keep bee hives, an application form must be submitted to the Manager of Building and Health. Along with the application form, the following should be attached:

  • Your Certificate of Registration as a Beekeeper

(Obtained through the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development which will provide you with a unique brand identifier)

  • A site plan of the property the hives are to be kept on, detailing;
    • Size of property
    • Water available
    • Distances from thoroughfare, public places and boundaries
    • Location of hives
  • Applicable fee.

For information on obtaining your Certificate of registration as a beekeeper, please refer to the below link;

Becoming a beekeeper in Western Australia