Road Naming

Roads created by subdivision are required to be named in accordance with Clause 26A of the Land Administration Act 1997.  The naming process requires the relevant Local Government to endorse names of roads created as part of a subdivision.

The Shire has approved a list of names based on the Local Heritage Survey for new road names in Serpentine Jarrahdale.  These names are available for applicants to consider utilising when new roads are proposed by way of subdivision in the Shire.

Choosing names based on the heritage of Shire improves the prospect of names being chosen that can help communicate an important piece of the Shire’s history.  This list is not intended to diminish choice, rather to enhance meaning behind that name chosen.

Those names chosen for the subdivision and endorsed by the Shire must then be forwarded to Landgate for final approval.  Landgate has delegated authority from the responsible Minister to grant final approval for road names.

New Road Name Application Form

Approved List of Available Street Names

Local Planning Policy 1.7 - Road Naming

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Fees and Charges