Keeping of Large Animals

What is the Definition of a Large Animal?

A large animal includes a cow, horse, pig, sheep, goat, deer, camel, llama, emu, ostrich and the like.

Can I have large animals on my property?

Large animals are permitted as pets or non-commercial purposes on land that is zoned as rural, special rural, rural living A/B and farmlet. For properties with alternative zoning, approval must be obtained from the Manager Building and Health to keep any large animal, following a written application that must be made to the Shire. The keeping of horses requires additional planning approval (or may be prohibited) unless the land is zoned rural.

Can I keep a pig?

Properties zoned rural or special rural are permitted to keep pigs. Keep in mind that pigs kept or bred for the purpose of trade is defined as a piggery. You will require planning approval and an offensive trade licence to run a piggery.

Properties zoned Rural Living A and B or Farmlet, are permitted to keep a pig provided that the property is larger than 1Ha (2.47 acres) and the property owner has written approval from the Council. This is limited to one (1) pig.

To keep a pig on any other properties, a written application must be submitted and approved by the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.

Animal enclosures and stables

An owner of any animal shall keep the premises clean and free from excrement, filth and food waste which may become injurious to health or attract rats, flies or other pests.

A person shall not keep animals in any enclosure which is not effectively drained or of which the drainage flows to the walls or foundations of any building.

A person must not allow a large animal to be stabled or yarded within 15 metres of a dwelling.

For other animals, the enclosures must not be constructed closer than 10 metres from any dwelling or premise.

No stable shall be erected until plans, specifications and the site of the proposed stable have been approved by Council.

Stables are not permitted on any property less than 4,000 square metres in area except in areas designated for equine purposes in the vicinity of the Byford Trotting Complex.

To determine whether the construction of a new enclosure or stable for your animal requires Shire approval, contact the Shire’s Planning and Building Services departments.

For further information, please contact Health Services on 9526 1111 or by email