State of the Environment Report 2019

A State of the Environment Report is an analysis of the trends in the environment of a particular place. State of the Environment Reports are designed to communicate credible, timely and accessible information about the condition of the environment to decision makers and the community.

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is one of the fastest growing local governments in Western Australia. The Shire has embraced a strategic framework that aims to accommodate rapid growth while shaping the district in a manner that aligns with community values and aspirations. To ensure that the established vision, aspirations and expectations are met, and the Shire of tomorrow is achieved in a way that recognises local character and identity, it is important to plan effectively for the future.

The community vision developed by the Shire highlights the importance of protecting the environment in the context of expected growth. To enable the Shire to adapt to the expected growth, it has produced a State of the Environment Report.

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’s State of the Environment Report 2019 uses the framework of “Condition-Pressure-Response-Implications” and applies it across the themes of Atmosphere, Land, Inland Waters, Biodiversity, Human Settlements and Heritage. These themed chapters are preceded by a discussion of Fundamental Pressures, and followed by an overall summary Outlook and an Action Plan. The Report is based on data presented in six themed reports which form an appendix to the overall Report.

Following a period of public consultation, the Report was adopted by Council in December 2019.

Read the State of the Environment Report here.

Read the appendices here.