Karen - Serpentine Enviro Group

Karen Miller was recognised as a part of the Shire’s Volunteer Recognition Program for her hard work with the Serpentine Enviro Group. Karen received a $50 voucher to a restaurant of her choice located within the Shire.

We asked Karen a few questions about her experience volunteering:

How did you get involved in volunteering for your club/group?

I wanted to volunteer for Landcare SJ in the mid-2000s in thanks, after they partly contributed towards building wetlands on our Hopeland property. I started on the LCDC committee and then moved to the management committee with Landcare SJ. Living in Oakford at the time I also joined Byford Enviro Link. I moved to Hopeland in 2016 and formed Serpentine Enviro Group with two other ladies, of which I am currently the coordinator. 

How long have you been involved in volunteering?

I have always volunteered throughout my life but within the SJ Shire, 14 years.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

The people are what I enjoy mostly about volunteering and their stories. You're also helping the environment, Landcare SJ and improving the community of Serpentine.


What makes your club/group special to you?

SEG and Landcare SJ have the one goal in common, to care for the environment. It feels good to be part of that.


Why would you recommend others to get involved in volunteering?

SEG meets for one hour a week, where you communicate, feel you are adding value to our society and feel satisfied you have contributed.

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