Public Participation


Ratepayers and residents are encouraged to participate in Council's decision-making process. Ratepayers and residents can be involved in the process by attending meetings, participating in public question time or statements, submitting petitions, providing feedback on public consultations and presenting a deputation.

Public Question Time and/or Public Statement

Public Question Time and/or Public Statement Information

Public Question Time and/or Public Statement Time form

How do I request to present a deputation?

A deputation is a presentation made to Council or a Committee.  A deputation is most often regarding a matter that is scheduled for consideration by Council or a Committee.

The deputation can either be in support of a proposal or in opposition to a proposal.

A deputation may not exceed 15 minutes in duration.

For the full requirements of a Deputation, please refer to Clause 3.13, of the Shire’s Standing Orders Local Law 2002 (as amended).

A request to make a deputation to Council must be made in writing to the Chief Executive Officer at least 3 working days prior to the relevant Council or Committee meeting.

Please hand deliver, post or email your Deputation request to:

Chief Executive Officer-Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale


6 Paterson Street,

Mundijong  WA  6123



Requests made are considered by the Shire President or the Presiding Member of the Council or Committee meeting.  The Shire President or the Presiding Member may accept or reject your request.

Requests should state what Agenda item or matter the Deputation will relate to and the wording of the Deputation.  If you wish to distribute printed material relating to your deputation, please ensure any attachments are forwarded with your request.  Information not previously provided in your request is not to be handed out at the meeting.

Deputations may be made as an individual or a group.  A group requesting a deputation may not exceed five people, and only two nominated whom may address the Council or Committee.

You will be notified of the Shire President or Presiding Member’s decision prior to the meeting. 

Making your deputation

If your request is approved, you will need to attend the relevant Council or Committee meeting from the commencement of the meeting.  

At the relevant time, you will be asked to address Council or the Committee.  Under the Standing Orders you must extend due courtesy and respect to Council or the Committee and the processes under which it operates and take direction from the person presiding.  Council meetings are not subject to Parliamentary Privilege.

More Information

If you have any queries about presenting a Deputation, please contact the Manager Governance and Strategy, 9526 1102 or


Petition-Information and Guidelines

Petition Template 

Council delegates to community groups

Community organisations and associations make a tremendous contribution to the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale by activating the community and providing forums for people to be involved in shaping the future of our community.

They also provide a vital link between the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’s Council and the community.

Councillors are encouraged to participate in community organisations and associations, including as members, without needing to be formally appointed by Council.

Alternatively, your organisation can request that Council consider formally appointing a Councillor to be the delegate to your organisation or association.  To do so please provide a copy of the terms of reference or constitution of your organisation or association to