Payment in Lieu of Parking Plan

“Payment in lieu (also called cash-in-lieu) for car parking refers to a payment made by a developer “in lieu” of providing the minimum number of on-site car parking spaces specified in the planning framework. Local Governments can use the funds generated from these payments to construct additional shared public parking for a particular area, or it can be used for initiatives such as new footpaths, cycling infrastructure, improved public transport and other appropriate community benefits.

The Shire's Payment in Lieu of Parking Plan, together with the Deemed Provisions, governs the application of payments in lieu of providing car parking for development in the area(s) identified in this Plan. This Plan outlines the purposes for which payment in lieu of car parking will be used in the area(s) identified and how money collected will be administered.

The Plan has the following objectives:

  1. To facilitate the provision and development of adequate parking facilities within the Byford Activity Centre, which reflects the planning intent for a mixed use, urban, vibrant and accessible centre.
  2. To provide the optimal balance of parking, which recognises and supports the desired planning intent for an accessible activity centre by all modes of transit.
  3. To ensure that parking does not create an adverse impact upon the planned public realm of a walkable, active and desirably street edged development form in the activity centre.
  4. To support access by public transport, walking and cycling, as well as private vehicles.

The Plan identifies the nominated infrastructure to be funded by payments in lieu of parking. This includes:

  • the location of the preferred parking infrastructure, which is on the western road verge of George Street, delivered as 90 degree embayed parking;
  • the location of the preferred street tree planting along Abernethy Road shared paths.

The Plan has effect for 10 years, unless otherwise approved by the WAPC.

The Plan will be revisited when the need for additional payment in lieu of parking occurs in other developing areas, such as Mundijong.

Payment in Lieu of Parking Plan