Prescribed Burns and Permits

There are legal requirements for hazard reduction burning depending on the time of year and type of burning taking place. This may include the requirement to obtain a permit from your local Fire Control Officer, notify certain persons or to abide by specific conditions.

To find out the current burning period, please refer to the When can I burn? webpage

Burning permits

If you want to burn grass, paddocks and bush during the Restricted Burning Period, you will need a burning permit.  To apply for a permit call your local Fire Control Officer at least 1 week before your burn.  They will assess your burn and issue a written permit (if approved).

Burning permits are only valid for the day or days written on the permit. If you have been refused a permit, you can’t reapply for the same burn. Appeals to a refusal can only be lodged to the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer by emailing

If you want to burn a Council road reserve or verge you need written approval from the Shire, as well as an approved permit from a Fire Control Officer. Contact us on 9526 1111 for more information.

Before you apply

  • Have your address ready.
  • Know the size of your burn and ensure materials are dry.
  • Check your firebreaks are maintained and that the burn area is trafficable.
  • Check your firefighting equipment and resources are in good working order.
  • Have the contact numbers of 3 able bodied people who will be at the burn.
  • Remove plastics, treated wood, tyres and other materials (you can only burn vegetation)

Key documents

Controlled Burning Neighbour Notification Slip

Information Note - Smoke Management

Department of Fire and Emergency Services - Winter Burning Guide

Mitigation - Template - Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale - Prescribed Burning Guidelines

Application for Shire Verge Burning

Application Form - Shire Verge Burning