Keeping of Poultry

This information relates to keeping of poultry in a domestic household. Poultry farms are only permitted in areas of the Shire that are zoned accordingly and Planning approval and a Building licence is required for any new poultry farm. For enquiries regarding poultry farming, please contact Shire’s Statutory Planning Department.

You are permitted to keep poultry as pets on your property within the shire however the Shire’s Health Local Laws have conditions relating to the way in which the poultry may be kept.

What is the definition of poultry?

Poultry includes fowls, peafowls, turkeys, geese, ducks and the like.

How many poultry can i have?

In areas zoned Rural, Special Rural, Rural Living A, Rural Living B and Farmlet, the occupier of the property can keep up to 20 poultry.

In all other zoned areas, the occupier of the property can keep up to 10 poultry.

Can I have a rooster?

Regardless of how many poultry you have – Roosters, Peafowl, Guineafowl or Geese are only permitted in Rural, Special Rural, Rural Living A, Rural Living B and Farmlet. Should you wish to have a Rooster outside these areas, approval must be given by the Manager of Building and Health. A written submission and fee is applicable to Application to Keep Rooster, Peafowl, Guineafowl or Geese - 2023-24.

Conditions of keeping poultry

A person who keeps or permits poultry to be kept shall ensure that:

  • No poultry come within 10 metres of:
  • Any dwelling.
  • Any public building/premises where people are employed.
  • Any public building/premises where food is stored, prepared, manufactured or sold.
  • Poultry to be kept in a properly constructed and securely fastened enclosure.
  • The floor of the enclosure is to be constructed of a smooth, impervious material with a gradient of at least 1 in 50 to the front of the structure – the floor slopes to the front.
  • Enclosure to be kept clean at all times, with effective measures taken to control flies and prevent offensive odours.

If the enclosure does not comply with these conditions – the owner or occupier may be directed to remove it. The owner/occupier may also be given a direction to modify, repair or clean the enclosure.

For further information, please contact Health Services on 9526 1111 or by email