Design SJ Technical Advisory Group

What is Design SJ?

The Design SJ Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is made up of members from the various disciplines that either draft, manage or operate design aspects within the Shire.  This is an advisory group bought together to provide advice regarding all aspects of design within the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.

What does Design SJ do?

The role of the Design SJ TAG is to provide advice with specific reference to State Planning Policy 7.0 regarding the design, review and assessment of the following:

  • State Strategies, Policies, Guidelines, Position Statements, Discussion Papers or similar
  • Region Schemes and Amendments
  • Local Strategies, Policies and Guidelines
  • Local Planning Schemes and Amendments
  • Structure Plans
  • Activity Centre Plans
  • Local Development Plans
  • Subdivisions
  • Public Open Space and Landscape Plans
  • Major Development Applications (such as activity centres, retail and commercial buildings, grouped/multiple dwellings, tourism developments, industrial development)
  • Public Works
  • Community Development Building or Public Realm Projects (such as skate parks, recreation precincts, community buildings)
  • Concept Plans and Masterplans

The above items can be considered by the Design SJ TAG at all stages including, but not limited to the following:

  • Pre-lodgement of applications
  • Pre-consultation on State strategies and policies or similar
  • Development of strategies and policies or similar
  • Conceptual design development of proposals
  • Lodgement of applications
  • Advertising of applications, strategies and policies or similar
  • Engagement on proposals
  • Approval for the purposes of knowledge sharing

The group is an advisory group only and is unable to make formal decisions.  It will however provide the delegated decision-makers such as the Officers, Director Development Services, Chief Executive Officer and Council with the necessary information to make the required decisions.

How do I bring my application to this group prior to submission?

For further information, please contact Strategic Planning Services on 9526 1111 or by email