Waste Education

Waste Education for the community is a key outcome of the Shire's Waste Management Strategy.  A Waste Education Strategy has been drafted based on current legislation and State Government Educational Programs, which is currently being implemented by the Waste Education Officer to promote waste reduction initiatives throughout the community including schools, local businesses and residents.

Community Workshops

The Shire, in conjunction with local experts will provide a number of waste reduction/sustainability related events for the community including but not limited to:

  • composting/worm farming
  • recycling/upcycling 
  • de-cluttering/reducing waste
  • modern cloth nappies

To see what's coming up check out the Events Calendar

School Education

The Waste Education Officer is available to come out to your school or early learning centre and provide a waste reduction related educational activity (1-1.5hrs) which can be tailored to your age group or curriculum needs.  The following activities are being trialled currently:

  • Put it in the Bin - an interactive game/activity where students will sort (clean) bags of rubbish items and put them in the correct bins based on the current 2-bin system in homes.  Then re-sort into composting option (in future FOGO bin) and wider community initiatives including RedCycle and Containers for Change Programs.  Reducing Landfill and Contamination are key topics.
  • Don't put it in the bin - can be stand alone activity or add on to above activity and involves exploring the waste hierarchy and how to primarily avoid throwing away rubbish by fixing things, using more sustainable/re-useable items and promoting the Circular Economy including promoting local op shops and the SJ Reuse Shop and Waste Transfer Station and Recycling Centre.  The Three R's is the primary topic.
  • Plant the Seed - in conjunction with the Library's Seed Swap Initiative, composting will be discussed and how you can reduce food waste in your home and turn it into a seed bed for your own veggies. Seed germination and seedling lifecycle will be discussed and students will re-use an egg carton to plant seeds which can be planted out into garden.
  • No Sew T-Shirt-Tutu bags - Hands on Activity to make an unwanted T-Shirt into a cool upcycled bag only using scissors! Lots of tying knots which tutu fabric can be added to make a tutu style bottom or other embellishments/painting can be added if time permits.  Students will get a brief background on Fashion Waste reduction and the Plastic Bag ban.

The Shire has partnered with Keep Australia Beautiful (KABC) to assist with coordination of school litter collection events within the community including providing bags and tools - to register your event see Litter Collection Adopt-A-Spot

Through their Clean Schools program, the KABC also provides free professional learning sessions for primary and secondary schools wanting to learn how to stop littering behaviour at school including:

  • professional learning for teachers,
  • a step-by-step guide to planning the program,
  • a USB full of support materials and activities, and
  • curriculum materials.

To register your interest see Clean Schools 

Contact Us

If you have any queries related to Waste Education, contact Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Waste Education Officer Polly Hammond on: