Cr Tricia Duggin

Term: October 2025

Term Expiry: October 2025

After growing up near Mt Barker, Cr Duggin moved to Perth for study in 1990. After completing a BSc (MIT) and DMU II (General) she has worked as a sonographer in both emergency and community roles for 26 years. In 2003 Cr Duggin and her young family moved to the Shire and fell in love with its inclusive community and country feel, yet still allowing the city connections they required for their young family’s medical needs.

She believes that although development is inevitable, good communication with the community, and consideration of their concerns, will result in a cohesive and positive future.

When Shire and residents grow together, the lifestyle we all enjoy is enhanced.  The Shire's heritage is of particular interest as it is what makes our part of the world unique. We are not just another outer suburban area.

Being a farmer’s daughter, Cr Duggin has a strong connection to the land and is aware of the importance of best environmental practice with farming and development. She believes all development should not only be environmentally sensitive but must reflect our heritage and mindfully shape our future.

Cr Duggin looks forward to being engaged, proactive, approachable and accountable while always being aware that the role is to serve.

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