Cr Nathan Bishop

Term: October 2027

Councillor Nathan Bishop is a dedicated public servant and advocate for the community. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Murdoch University for his study of politics and international relations, and security, terrorism, and counterterrorism.

 Cr Bishop has lived in the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale since childhood, when his family moved into the area for equestrian pursuits. Growing up on 5 acres, he values the rural character of the Shire. 

With growth and change in the Shire inevitable, Cr Bishop believes in decision-making which takes into account the diverse interests of our community. He believes the Council should strike a balance between preserving and enhancing existing lifestyles and fostering opportunities for newcomers to call the Shire ‘home’.

 Since 2015, Cr Bishop has served the community as a volunteer firefighter for the Oakford Bush Fire Brigade. He considers joining the fire brigade to be the best decision he ever made, and he is immensely proud of the work all the Shire’s volunteers do.

 Standout events in Cr Bishop's calendar are the Oakford Bush Fire Brigade's annual Santa Run, and the Bush Fire Brigade Street Appeal in the Perth CBD.

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