Cr Courtney Mazzini

Ward: Councillor - North Ward   Term: October 2025

Cr Mazzini is a busy working mother who lives in Byford and enjoys netball, gardening, and going on adventures with her family.

Cr Mazzini is a pre-service secondary teacher at a local high school and works at a neighbouring local government. Her understanding of youth matters and the operational running of a local government drives her decision-making and priorities during her term. She also has a keen interest in sustainable development and ensuring the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale never loses its sprinkle of country charm. She hopes to focus her attention on waste education and road restoration and safety upgrades in needed areas.

Cr Mazzini hopes to add diversity to the current Council and shares the belief that the Council should not be reserved for those who are retired or have flexible working arrangements—it needs to reflect the everyday person. 

Courtney also volunteers with Activate Byford, which is committed to activating and beautifying the Shire’s town centre with events and initiatives that incorporate local businesses.

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