Community Recycling Initiatives

The Watkins Road Waste Transfer Station and Recycling Centre (WTS) is the main recycling hub for the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, however, there are also many independent community recycling points throughout the Shire that you can take items to that may not be accepted in the kerbside yellow bin, though are still able to be recycled.  

A few of the main community recycling programs and collection points accessible to residents within the Shire are listed below:

Recycle Mate - Find recycle points in your community

Recycle Mate has a handy app that can be downloaded to show what can go in the current two bin system within the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, as well as finding your nearby community recycling drop off options for other recyclable items.

This includes an interactive and searchable database of locations for numerous individual item collection bins such as batteries, local community recycling hubs and broader initiatives like Containers for Change and Redcycle (soft plastics) collection points.

Visit the Recycle Mate website


As the yellow recycle bins no longer accept soft plastics, Redcycle has partnered with major grocery stores (primarily Woolworths and Coles) to collect soft plastic packaging and turn it into durable plastic based products that go back into the community such as park benches. 

Find your nearest Redcycle collection bin

Containers for Change

Every 10c drinks container has the potential to be turned into something new – from shoes to pens, tin foil to road base, as well as new containers. By returning your 10c containers to a Containers for Change refund point you are ensuring they are recycled and not sent to landfill.

Containers for Change works with the local community, beverage companies, recyclers and the waste industry to recycle containers, helping to return more than $13 million in refunds to the WA community since October 2020. It’s also a great way for schools, clubs and charities to raise much-needed funds. To find out more about Containers for Change visit

Eligible drink containers have a 10c mark on the label. Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3L can be saved. Make sure you take off the lids – they can be recycled separately at your local refund point.

View the list of local refund points

For more information about the Containers for Change scheme, click here.

The Shire has also partnered with Down Under Recycling to donate funds from collection of eligible containers within selected Shire facilities to go to various local charities/ back into the community. Collection bins are currently located at the following locations:

Look out for Containers for Change labelled bins. There are also many individual charities that have donation points throughout the Shire so you may choose to donate your eligible containers and also stop feeding the fill. If you are interested in starting up a fundraising collection point for your charity or organisation, click here.


Terracycle is a global network of different companies and organisations to recycle unusual or hard to recycle items.  Internally, the Shire offices supplement their recycling program with a Terracycle Hub.  There are also Terracycle Community Hubs/drop off points for the general public within the Shire including:

SJ Library Service

The Library accepts some typically non-recyclable items, including:

  • Empty toothpaste containers, old toothbrushes and electric brush heads
  • Plastic spray bottles, including spray and trigger heads
  • Dishwashing liquid bottles
  • Disposable razors and blades
  • Hair care bottles, jars, lids and tubes
  • Ring pull tops
  • Reading glasses
  • Mobile phones
  • Household batteries
  • Coffee capsules

These items are then diverted away from landfill and recycled into new products such as environmentally friendly refillable containers. Visit the Library at 10 Paterson Street, Mundijong.

Serpentine Jarrahdale Community Resource Centre

Located at 2 Paterson Street, Mundijong, the Serpentine Jarrahdale Community Resource Centre also accepts selected Terracycle products, including:

  • Empty toothpaste containers, old toothbrushes and electric brush heads
  • Plastic spray bottles, including spray and trigger heads
  • LOL toys and packaging
  • Disposable razors and blades
  • Hair care bottles, jars, lids and tubes
  • Plastic bottle lids
  • Reading glasses
  • Writing Instruments
  • Coffee capsules

Find out more about Terracycle

Battery Recycling

Batteries are collected for recycling at many locations throughout the Shire including but not limited to:

Contact Us

If you would like your community recycling initiative listed on the Recycle Mate or Shire websites, or for any more information on Recycling, contact Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Waste Education Officer Polly Hammond on: