Find out about recycling; what can be recycled, what cannot be recycled and frequently asked questions.

What can be recycled?

✔ Glass bottles and jars.

✔ Steel and aluminium cans including clean alfoil trays (no other metal items of any kind).

✔ Newspapers, office paper, magazines, etc. (no plastic wrapping and do not bundle items together).

✔ Cardboard (remove contents and liners and please flatten).

✔ Plastic bottles and containers with the recycling symbol (remove lids and rinse).

✔ Drink cartons (no silver lined UHT cartons).

What cannot be recycled?

✘ Plastic bags, plastic film or shrink wrap.

✘ Polystyrene goods (eg. meat trays and packaging).

✘ Ceramics, window glass, light globes, mirrors or broken glass.

✘ Garden waste of any sort.

✘ Household rubbish, food scraps or food wrappings.

✘ Batteries

✘ Metal of any kind (other than listed above).

✘ Paint or paint tins

✘ Nappies

✘ Syringes/needles or medical waste.

✘ Clothing or leather

✘ Oil, acid or chemicals

✘ Liquid of any kind

✘ Building rubble

✘ Animal waste or kitty litter

✘ Aerosols

Recycling frequently asked questions

(This information is sourced from Cleanup Australia)

Containers for Change

The Containers for Change program aims to make a difference in WA and help West Australians earn cash for their trash.

The state-wide program allows you to cash in eligible containers for 10 cents each, all you need to do is:

1. Collect Eligible containers

Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible.

2. Take them to a refund point

Find a list of local refund points here.

For more information about the Containers for Change scheme, click here.

Recycling FAQs

How clean does the stuff I recycle need to be?

Items don't need to be spotless, but should be clean of food scraps and be dry when placed into the bin.

What happens with plastic lids?

All lids have to be removed from bottles and jars and thrown in the garbage as they cause problems in the recycling process.

Does one plastic bag in the recycling bin matter?

Recycling rubbish placed in plastic bags cannot be sorted. Even worse, plastic bags can get stuck in the sorting machinery.

What is waste contamination?

Contamination occurs when a non-recyclable item is placed in the recycle bin or collection truck. This makes all of the material in that bin or truck useless for recycling, so it's best to be thorough.