Waste Transfer Station

At the June 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council adopted the Shire’s Waste Management Strategy 2020-2024.

The Strategy included the proposal to cease the verge, bulk waste collections in favour of reopening Watkins Road Transfer Station, as a drop off, recycling facility for Shire residents.

The Watkins Road site is currently being prepared for opening and is expected to be operational by November 2020.

The facility will be free admission for Shire residents all year round, with no restrictions on household waste volumes being delivered. Some special waste types, such as tyres, may incur a contributory fee, however, this is yet to be finalised.

The opening date for the drop off facility will be published via the Shire’s website, social media channels and the local newspaper. Please continue to check these channels or contact the Shire nearer the proposed opening date.

If you require any further information, please contact the Shire's Waste Management Team on 9526 1111 or email info@sjshire.wa.gov.au.


Will there be a cost to access the Transfer Station?

Access is free to Shire residents all year round. However, some items that require specialist disposal may incur a small fee e.g. Tyres, car batteries.

What days will the facility be open?

This is yet to be finalised but it’s envisaged the facility will be available 4 days per week, with pre/post office hours i.e. before 9am and after 5pm, and some weekend coverage.

Will I need a tip pass to access the facility?

No, tip passes will not be required, just proof of identity and Shire address.

Will the facility accept commercial waste?

No, the facility is for household waste items only.

What items will / will not be accepted?

Household derived materials that have been segregated; no mixed waste will be accepted. A full listing will be published nearer the opening date.

Will there be assistance provided at the facility?

Yes, the facility will be manned at all times, assistance and direction will be provided for all users.

Will the facility be safe for my family to visit i.e. children / pets?

The facility will meet all the required safety standards, however, no pets / animals will be allowed on the site and its strongly recommended children remain in the vehicle at all times, as heavy plant and equipment will be in use. CCTV will be in use at all times.

Will there be a tip shop?

It is envisioned that there will be tip shop. This is currently being in investigated with more details to come.

What options are there for residents who can't get their waste to the transfer station?

At the June Ordinary Council Meeting, Council resolved to procure and provide four trailers to assist residents transporting their waste materials to the Transfer Station. In addition, Council  voted to establish a policy for an on demand collection, for residents who were physically impaired and could not transport their waste to the Transfer Station.

Those who fit within the policy to be established will be able to contact Council for assistance.





Waste Management Strategy 2020-2024