Watkins Road Waste Transfer Station and Recycling Centre

Opening Information


Watkins Road Waste Transfer Station and Recycling Centre, Note 10km/hr speed limit within.

Lot 512, Watkins Road, Mundijong, WA, 6123

Location of Watkins Road Transfer Station and Recycling Centre

Opening hours:

Day Hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed

7.30am-5.00pm (last entry 4.45pm)

Friday 7.30am-5.00pm (last entry 4.45pm)
Saturday 7.30am-5.00pm (last entry 4.45pm)
Sunday 9.00am-5.00pm (last entry 4.45pm)

Entry is for Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale residents. Photo ID (i.e. driver's licence) is required. No commercial waste accepted. Strictly no asbestos products.

The Watkins Road Waste Transfer Station and Recycling Centre is closed on public holidays. 

Note: The SJ Reuse Shop (located within Waste Transfer & Recycling Centre) has different open hours - Sun and Sat 9am till 3pm - Click Here  for more information.

Trailer Hire Service

The Shire provides a free Trailer Hire service to eligible residents. For more information about the service, eligibility and booking requirements, please read the FAQs here or click the Book a trailer link below. 

Book a trailer 

Free Mulch

Free mulch is currently AVAILABLE at the Transfer Station. Residents are kindly asked to fill their own trailers, as our staff are unable to assist with this task. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. 

Waste Transfer Station and Recycling Centre FAQs

Will there be a cost to access the Transfer Station?

Access is free to Shire residents all year round. As part of the Shire’s 2021/22 Fees and Charges schedule, certain items will incur a fee for disposal.

What items will I be charged for?

Residents will incur a small fee for the following items:


Fee and Charge

Tyres (passenger car and motorcycle)

$5.30 each

Tyres (SUV/four-wheel-drive)

$15 each

Mattresses (all sizes)

$30 each

The above fees will come into effect from Thursday, 2 September 2021.

Will I be charged the full cost required to dispose or recycle these items?

No, residents will not be charged the total cost required to recycle these items, only a contribution.

How do I make payment for items that incur a fee?

Payment can be made on arrival to the facility. The site attendants will facilitate the payments. Payment must be made by card (NO CASH) and a receipt will be provided.

Will I need a tip pass to access the facility?

No, tip passes will not be required, just proof of identity and Shire address.

Will the facility accept commercial waste?

No, the facility is for residential waste items only (please be advised this does not include food waste as organic waste is not accepted at the facility). Further information on accepted items is provided in the below FAQ. 

What items will / will not be accepted?


The following items are accepted at the Watkins Road Transfer Station and Recycling Centre.

Unlimited entries to dispose of green waste.

Items include:

  • branches and stumps (less than 300mm in diameter)
  • lawn clippings (no lawn sod or soil)
  • leaves 
  • prunings

Unlimited entries to dispose of agreed recyclable materials.

Items include:

  • batteries – dry cell and lead acid
  • clothing and blankets
  • cardboard (with no plastic wrapping, packaging, polystyrene or styrofoam)  
  • e-waste - including computers, DVD players, heaters, printers, radios, televisions, vacuums and small electrical household items
  • fluorescent globes
  • metal of any type (cut to a maximum of 1.5m length, width, height and not solid)
  • mobile phones 
  • paper 
  • plastics (any with a recycle symbol)
  • polypipe / irrigation pipes
  • vehicle tyres (passenger car or motorcycle – cost of $5.30 per tyre) Note: There is a limit of 8 tyres per year.
  • vehicle tyres (SUV or four-wheel-drive - cost of $15 per tyre) Note: There is a limit of 8 tyres per year.
  • whitegoods - includes air-conditioners, dishwashers, hot water systems, microwaves, ovens, hotplates, washers, refrigerators and freezers (these do not need to be degassed as this will be done on-site)
  • wood timber products (no MDF or chipboard)

Unlimited entries for additional general waste materials. 

Items include:

  • car parts (no bodies)   
  • dvd discs and video tapes 
  • general household items (includes sofas, bed bases and furniture)
  • gyprock
  • mattresses ($30 per mattress)
  • plaster board 
  • polystyrene or styrofoam 

All loads must be secured / suitably restrained.

Not Accepted

The following items are NOT accepted at the Watkins Road Transfer Station and Recycling Centre.

  • animal products - manure, blood products, meats, animal skins etc.
  • ammonia 
  • asbestos
  • bleach
  • car bodies (includes boats and trailers)
  • coolant (vehicle)
  • cement powder 
  • chemicals and acids
  • cockroach baits and bombs 
  • commercial sized loads of carpet (small household loads are accepted)
  • commercial sized loads of plaster board (small household loads are accepted)
  • construction waste (includes bricks, sand/soils, cement/render, concrete, stone and rock)
  • engine oils 
  • explosives
  • fats or cooking oil - call Fataway on 9274 7668
  • fertiliser 
  • fire extinguishers
  • flares 
  • food waste 
  • flammable liquids and kerosene 
  • garden chemicals and poisons 
  • hardiflex 
  • hazardous needles and sharps 
  • kerosene
  • kitty litter
  • lawn sod
  • liquids
  • manure
  • medical waste
  • mixed waste
  • nappies - used 
  • paints (solid or liquid) - including empty tins and lids - call Paintback on 1300 390 380
  • putrescible waste
  • sand or soil 
  • smoke detectors 
  • super six panels 
  • tree stumps (greater than 300mm)
  • X-Rays - call CMA Ecocycle on 9302 6887 or Shred-X on 1300 747 339

No mixed loads accepted. Strictly no asbestos products.

No commercial waste is accepted at this site. The nearest facility is located at: Armadale Landfill and Recycling facility, 145 Hopkinson Road, Hilbert.

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale reserve the right to refuse entry.

Will there be assistance provided at the facility?

Yes, the facility will be manned at all times, assistance and direction will be provided for all users.

Will the facility be safe for my family to visit i.e. children / pets?

The facility will meet all the required safety standards, however, no pets / animals will be allowed on the site and its strongly recommended children remain in the vehicle at all times, as heavy plant and equipment will be in use. CCTV will be in use at all times.

Is there a tip shop?

Yes! The "SJ Reuse Shop" has been operating Saturday and Sunday since October 2022.  For more information Click here 

What options are there for residents who can't get their waste to the Transfer Station?

The Shire provides an “On Demand” waste collection service. For eligible residents this service is free. For more information or to apply for this service, click here

The Shire also has a free Trailer Hire Service available to Shire residents. For more information or to book a trailer, click here.

Will there still be a green waste and hard waste verge collection?

No. As per the Shire's Waste Management Strategy 2020-2024 a review was conducted in to the green waste and hard waste verge collection service with a decision made to re-open the Waste Transfer Station free of charge to local residents in favour of the verge collection service.

Can we bring tipper trailers/trucks to the recycling centre?

No, the site isn’t designed to accept this type of vehicle.


Trailer Hire FAQs

Can I use the trailer to collect mulch or new items for my home?

No, the trailers can only be used to take your hard  / green waste to the Watkins Road Transfer Station.

Can I take the trailer out of the Shire?

No, all trailers must remain within the Shire locality.

What days/times can I hire a trailer?

There are two time slots available for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, they are 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm.

Where do I collect the trailer from?

Lot 512 Watkins Road, Mundijong.

The Transfer Station and Recycling Centre entrance is located opposite Rose Road.

I have never used a trailer before, can I still hire one?

It’s not recommended to hire a trailer until you have been provided with some professional training and instruction.


Waste Management Strategy 2020-2024

Council Policy 3.3.6 - On Demand Bulk Waste Collections