Karnup Road update

Published on Tuesday, 7 September 2021 at 3:44:11 PM

This page was last updated at 4pm Wednesday, 27 October 2021.

What has happened?

After the record rainfall we experienced in July and the significant storm event and flooding, a drain pipe (culvert) under Karnup Road, Serpentine (near Wellard Street), failed and caused a sink hole on 21 July, 2021.

Following inspection of the drain, it has been identified that a 24-metre length of 2m x 1.5m diameter ribbed steel pipes have rusted out and require replacement.

Is Karnup Road still open to traffic?

No, the road has been closed to traffic as part of safety measures. Traffic management is now in place. This includes provision for emergency services.

Motorists are encouraged to allow extra time and follow traffic management signage.

What is the Shire doing to fix the issue?

The condition of the road over the culvert is being monitored daily.

Detailed design drawings and specifications for a full replacement of the culvert has been completed.

A contractor to carry out the culvert replacement works will be selected through a procurement process.

How long will this take?

It is estimated the replacement works will be completed by end of March 2022.